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Real World Austin Turns 10

On June 21st, 2005 MTV gave birth to The Real World Austin, a Real World season that captivated viewers and created some of the most recognizable Real World personalities ever. Today marks the tenth anniversary from the debut of this season.


It’s hard to believe this season first aired 10 years ago.Maybe it’s because Wes still appears on The Challenge or because Melinda doesn’t look like she has aged a single day. Either way, this season has left a clear footprint on The Real World’s legacy, and here’s some of the reasons why:

-Danny met Melinda and fell in love (for a while)… DUH

– We felt immense sympathy for Danny after he got into a huge fight on the first night

-The we felt even more sympathy for him when his mother died

– Wes had a groupie drawer full of names of girls he met. So believable!

– He kind of fell in love with Johanna, even though they didn’t become an item until after the season

-Speaking of Johanna, she got arrested for stealing a rose

– The cast had a great job where the interviewed bands like Hellogoodbye and Halifax.

-Wes pretending to be Prince Harry in Costa Rica, and people believed him

-The epic fight on the last episode where Rachel cried.

-And of course, that beautiful proposal on the reunion. Danny & Melinda 4eva!

Fans loved The Real World Austin, and the episode where Danny’s mother passed away remained the highest rated Real World episode. This was The Real World in its peak, and we’ve come a long way from it.

What did you think of The Real World Austin


  1. Why celebrate this season? It stunk on ice. Lacey was the only halfway decent person in the bunch. And the finale stands as one of the worst in the show’s history.

  2. I know in the Real World Awards Bash it was voted the best season. Honestly I like San Diego (the first one) better.

    1. Let’s not forget that the RWAs had Johnny as “Hottest Male” and Coral as “Roommate From Hell.” I call massive BS on the voting process.

  3. I never got to see Austin, but my favorite seasons will always be New York (1992), San Diego (2004), Brooklyn (2009), and Las Vegas (2011).

  4. I loved all the seasons until Vegas came and changed the reason I loved the show. I hate the constant clubbing and hooking up. That being said I thought Brooklyn was decent.

  5. Austin may have been the last Real World I’ve actually watched. Now I just stick to watching The Challenge. However in terms of old school Real World, I’ve always been partial to RW Hawaii.

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