The Challenge

Is Kellyanne All She’s Cracked Up to Be?

We last saw Kellyanne in 2009, but fans have been begging for her return. She was rumored to be on Challenges multiple times, but now, 6 years after her last appearances, she is back. Was she worth the wait and effort? Or is she just another overhyped Real Worlder?


The first thing Kellyanne has going for her is beauty. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a lot of people have eyes for Kellyanne. Good looks don’t add much substance to a cast member, but they don’t hurt.

Secondly, she’s a pretty tough competitor. At one point, Evelyn claimed she was one of the strongest. While her pervious performances don’t speak poorly of her. they also aren’t the most impressive performances ever. She outlasted Rachel R. in an endurance competition on The Island, but she didn’t do anything else important on The Island (granted, no one did). She eliminated Veronica on The Ruins and made it to the final, but she played a pretty big role in her team losing the final.

In terms of drama, she delivers. She’s always finding a reason to get involved with some shenanigans. However, she’s seldom the center of the drama. She usually just picks and side and rolls with her friends.

Finally, she’s pretty good at being in relationships that don’t last, like that time she was with Cohutta on The Real World or Wes on The Ruins. For recent seasons, it’s a shame that her relationships did not translate into an appearance on Battle of the Exes.

With all of this said, I am excited to see Kellyanne come back. Do I think she’ll make the Challenge? No. However, she certainly isn’t going to hurt.


  1. To be fair in the Ruins, it was just her and Sarah in the finals for the challengers. Maybe if Brad didn’t get in a fight with Darrell the challengers would have had a better chance (though not by much). Heck, Jenn and Emily from Cutthroat had a better chance of winning.

    1. I disagree. The Ruins final could have easily been won by a two person team. There was no obstacle where more people would benefit you. Also, this was probably the easiest final out of the past 10 seasons. Honestly, the champion team was only as fast as Susie and I firmly believe Sarah and Kellyanne are capable of beating Susie.

      Kellyanne’s performance on the bamboo balance beam lost the team a lot of time. Collectively they lost time on the mud crawl. Ultimately, you can’t put all he blame on Kellyanne but I think it’s fair to put more blame on her.

      1. Mmmm, but I thought Sarah was the “queen of the puzzles”? Fact is she couldn’t figure out the final puzzle, when both teams were essentially tied. I’m not putting any more blame on Kellyanne than Sarah for the ruins final.

  2. I liked Kellyanne alright on The Island & The Ruins but I’ve never been a huge fan so I’m not as excited as most about her return. However, I am glad to see another Vet in the line up & I’m curious to see how she performs these days given her current fitness level.

    Agreed with JC that The Ruins final loss wasn’t really her fault. Nor was it Sarah’s. They did an amazing job for a two person team. Maybe if they had just one extra mind & set of hands to help out, they could have pulled off the win. It seemed both mentally & physically draining.

  3. After being contacted for exes 1 and turning it down, being sent home before the start of seasons 2, and turning down exes 2 I thought we would never see kellyanne again. I am excited to her and she is one of favorites this season but I think this was not the right season for her to return. The only people she knows is cohutta her ex and Johnny someone she hates and is probably controlling the majority of the house.

  4. Sarah and her would have won The Ruins but production told the Champions when they were headed in the wrong direction, saving them a lot of time. Was discussed on the aftershow

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