The Challenge

MTV Cananda Shows Retro Challenge Episodes. MTV USA Does Not.

Canadian Challenge fans are going to be very happy while the folks down in the US are watching reruns of Ridiculousness. MTV Canada has added some older Challenge episodes into its line-up.


Currently, MTV is showing The Inferno 2 and will later phase into showing The Gauntlet 2. In the middle of July, once they finish airing Gauntlet 2 they will start airing Fresh Meat 2.

MTV Canada is also showing Real World Portland and Real World Ex-Plosion. MTV US will be rerunning Teen Mom 2.

It would be nice to see some homage to older season on MTV, even in the late hours of the morning. Must be nice to be Canadian.


  1. I really hope MTV USA shows re runs of old Challenge and Real World Episodes they need to re run them to get more people interested and get more viewers that way the Real World can get renewed for another season and hopefully this season of The Challenge can get good ratings so it can get renewed after this season

  2. I know there’s some channels on youtube and Daily Motion that plays the old school challenges though I would like to see MTV replay those or at least Video on Demand under retro.

  3. OMG!!! I’m so happy! Thank you for the good news! Not only am I super happy to have the chance to watch those seasons on tv (I wasn’t into the real world and the challenge when those seasons first aired) but it’s gonna be a great occasion for new viewers to get to know some challenge legends!

  4. MTV USA can suck it! I tell you the day they officially cancel the Real World and Challenges, I will never flick the channel to MTV again.

  5. Just to let you know, they didn’t showed challenge episodes thuesday, at least not on my local mtv canada channel. I tuned in to mtv canada all evening and it was stupid stuff like degrassi, teen wolf and geordie judge. I’m so disapointed!

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