Can The Real World Survive in a Cold Location?

With a tentative filming date of October-December, there will definitely be some limitations on the potential locations where Real World XXXI can be filmed. While the Real World is a show about seven (or eight)  people living in a house, cold locations are going to prevent the cast from fully exploring their location.

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Recent Real World seasons have focused on their twists above all else. When you’re bringing in exes or “skeletons” from peoples’ pasts, the background where the twist takes place seems unimportant. Prior to these twists, the city where The Real World took place made a HUGE difference. People tuned in to see the opportunities the cast had in locations such as Las Vegas, New York, or San Diego.  Every city was unique, and every location gave the cast the chance to do something that they couldn’t in other locations. Usually, the unique aspects of the city channeled themselves into a job opportunity for the cast.

More recent seasons have placed a much smaller emphasis on location. The jobs, while more realistic to the jobs of young adults, have no cultural significance. Seasons such as Portland and Skeletons were filmed in locations that experience all 4 seasons. They started filming in late summer and ended in the fall. By the end of both seasons the cast was bundled up and they had already found the spots the frequented.

However, filming from October to December will put the cast in a fall-winter scenario. Let’s say the cast films somewhere like New York, Boston, or Detroit. This will place the cast in a setting where it will be cold. When it’s cold, people tend to stay in. Also, the day is shorter and it gets dark later. While I’m sure the cast will love to party, this is going to put limitations on their ability to go out and party or take their clothes off at the beach.

With the twist, this limitation may not matter. Emphasis will be placed on the twist and not location, but that kind of diminishes the classic “Real World” element of the show. Or, filming could just be in a warmer location like Miami or San Diego.

Where would you like to see Real World XXXI filmed?

7 thoughts on “Can The Real World Survive in a Cold Location?

  1. The day is shorter when it’s cold. That’s never stopped seasons of Real World in the past. The more cold, the more drama, honestly. Seasons use to film from Jan-May and sometimes June for the first 10 years. Cold weather gives an awesome look to a city like New York or Chicago. I don’t remember it preventing roommates from going out. I think a cold city will be fine. Really I want the logo and opening theme changed back.

    1. If you’re talking about really old seasons you’re probably right. More recent seasons have started in spring/summer and ended in fall. Examples: Skeletons (August-October), Portland (August- November), DC (July-October), Brooklyn (August- November), Denver (May- September), Philly (April-August)

  2. I definitely see a beach location this season since we have not seen one in 4 seasons. If it was a repeat probably Miami or they could do Orlando. Possibly Brazil because of the Olympics next summer could be cool seeing a Olympian cast member.

  3. I honestly like for them to be located in a warmer climate. I saw Paris a few months ago and I don’t think it was bad as most people believe it was but the biggest problem I had was the women were bundled up most of the time.

    1. Main problem with Paris is the house was far outside of the city. Cast didn’t have a car and it took them an hour each way to reach it on the subway.

      1. I forgot about that, Was it really in Paris or would it be like if the house was Long Island for a New York season.

  4. Since production has been repeating locations in recent seasons I’ve been thinking that they could possibly set the next season in Florida. I’d personally like them to do another season in Hawaii or Seattle. Although Seattle would not be a good choice for the months that they’d probably be filming this next season. But yeah my money is on somewhere in Florida for the next season.

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