Battle of the Seasons

Throwback: Did Real World Key West Get Screwed?


Battle of the Seasons was a Challenge that brought a lot of new blood to the playing field. One season that was not present during this season was Real World Key West. The absence of this team prevented a lot of eager veterans, and champions, from competing during the season and it left production with on sour Banana to deal with.

Apparently, Key West was contacted by production. While it is not clear who was on board, it seems likely that the cast would have consisted of Bananas, Paula, Tyler, and Janelle. If this is true, it would have produced a team compiled completely of Challenge champions. Battle of the Seasons was a season designed to give the rookies a fighting chance, and a Key West team would have been a group of people who have no problem dominating the Challenges . Clearly, this team did not fit in with the theme and ultimately this was considered when the team was cut from the cast.

However, putting a Key West team on this Challenge would have produced a new threat to Bananas (and perhaps a valid reason from him to be Franks “rival.”) While Johnny is used to being the top dog, this season produced a strong band of rookies who stood together to make it through the game. If Bananas wanted to team up with veterans, his only options would be Alton, his enemy Wes, or his former BFF Sarah. Most of the strongest competitors this season were rookies (CJ, Zach, Frank). This means Bananas would definitely have some strong competition that would not work with him.

As we know, Real World San Diego won the season. So was it worth it to keep Key West off the season?


  1. If Johnny did seasons then he would of been on 8 seasons in a row. Paula 6. If the team was Tyler, zack, janelle, and Svetlana then yes with either of those two in the mix no way. Even though it would of been funny to see Johnny lose to a bunch of rookies.

  2. Well it would have been interesting if even instead of Janelle they had Svetlana who has Finals experience. I would have like to see Svetlana there though I heard she crazy now. I know that seems weird to said since we’re talking about people of Reality TV shows. I agree of leaving them home. Not counting Janelle the cast would have had seven challenge wins (also not counting Johnny and Paula’s wins after that season). Everyone else on that season had three (not counting Dunbar who was on a team that didn’t participle for whatever reason).

    1. What are the details on the rumor that Svetlana is crazy now? She seemed level-headed on the Duel.

  3. I didn’t miss them, but I didn’t enjoy watching SD roll through everyone. They acted like a-holes the whole way through (oh, my God, the way they yelled at Sam). Brooklyn gave SD a fight, but it would have been nice, I suppose, to see another dominant team, and Key West would be a good option.

    1. Also half of Vegas gave SD2 (San Diego had two seasons, the first one was the best season of all time in my opinion) a fight (well in the finals at least). Unsure if Alton didn’t throw the arena event and him and Nany along with Dustin and Trishelle made it to the finals if they would have beaten SD2. I’m sure Nany and Trishelle were better than Sam. Also shouldn’t Frank been DQ’ed for pushing Sam? Then again, Marie earlier pushed someone and stay in the game until she lost her arena game.

  4. I would have loved to have seen Key West on this season. Love Paula & she would have been funny to watch in a house with a bunch of rookie kids. I don’t like Johnny but he would certainly have given those kids someone to fear. A possible alliance between Key West, Brooklyn, & Vegas would have been interesting, too.

  5. Wow a Key West team containing Johnny Bananas, Tyler, Paula and Janelle? Talk about a team of champions!

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