Battle of the Bloodlines

Challenge 27: Format Spoilers


If you’ve read anything about this season, you know that it’s going to be different than previous seasons. In this post we’re going to discuss the format of this season, and the alleged twist. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, and I pray that you have, this post contains spoilers. If you don’t want to know, don’t read.

Yes, bloodlines play a huge role in the season. However, the Real World/ Fresh Meat/ AYTO kids are split onto one team and the bloodlines will be their own team.

THE TWIST: If your bloodline gets eliminated, you get eliminated. So you can get sent home without even getting sent into elimination. It is believed that eliminations will be Alum vs. Bloodline (like The Ruins) rather than 2 people from the losing team (like Gauntlet 3).

No only will this make for some very bitter losers, but due to the fact that there are some coed bloodline pairings, it could make uneven teams.

What do you think of this format and alleged  twist?


  1. Love & Hate it at the same time. I like how we finally get a team challenge, but hate how both teams consist of competitors who shouldn’t even be on the show. It should be a very interesting season to say the least.

  2. I am interested to see how it all plays out. I was hoping for another Gauntlet or Inferno but maybe next time. It’s just not as good as it used to be..

  3. Politics will finally be brought back into the game with this theme/format I hope. That’s a lot on the line.

  4. The biggest problem I have with this is people are going home because they’re bloodline loses doesn’t seems fair especially if they have to go home without a chance to fight to stay.

  5. This format might be horrible for amazing competitors with weak bloodlines. I just hope there are no layups in the final this season a.k.a. Devyn, Jay & Jenna.

  6. Doesn’t seem very fair to me. If johnny went home without seeing an elimination, it would be a little unfulfilling. I think you should be able to stay and fight for your loved one. For vengeance. It would add more drama and intensity.

    1. This format gives people a reason to care and root for the bloodlines if they get sent home with the alumni.

  7. I was really looking forward to a team format, but dang not like this! Not only does it seem completely unfair that if a loved one is sent home, you are sent home, it is a horrible format! I was hoping for a Survivor: Blood vs Water format where each team was made up of Alum and Bloodlines, where no one was on the same team as their bloodline… Ugh, not too happy right now.

  8. Dude, you’re posting this right after PinkRose on Vevmo did. Cite your freaking sources. Give credit where credit is due.

    1. Pinkrose is not my source. Pinkrose gets her information from somewhere. Perhaps that somewhere is also giving me information?

      If I use Vemvo or its members as a source, I will cite. For example, you can check previous cast lists (like Free Agents). Vemvo is cite because they were used to fill in gaps.

      1. Bull. You have never reported a single fact before it was on Vevmo. You’re a fan site with 0 sources. Cite properly.

      2. I have no idea if I reported anything this season prior to Vevmo. I am aware of the site, and I do browse it occasionally, but I don’t view it enough to know their timeline.

        Ultimately, I’m not willing to jeopardize any sources to prove myself so if you don’t believe me now I’m not going to change your mind.

  9. Even if you do have a source, which is unlikely, if someone else reported it first, it’s your obligation to state “which was first reported at [site]”

    1. so you’re saying he needs to scour the internet prior to posting ANYTHING to make sure if by chance ANYONE else has posted it he gives them credit? this is a blog about a damn reality show, GTFO. it’s really not that serious. worry about real life issues not who said what first about a damn MTV show, it’s NOT that serious.

  10. Does anyone know of filming is done? A few rumored cast members have been posting on social media as far back as 4th of July weekend & most recently today. Wasn’t sure if they were likely eliminated or if filming has ended & if it HAS ended when it actually ended.

  11. People need to chill with the whole AYTO not belonging. MTV hasn’t used RW/RR in The Challenge since 2009, so realistically since that point when Fresh Meat II was just “The Challenge : Fresh Meat II” MTV really didn’t have to rationalize adding people outside the RW/RR family. Plus, Adam and Brittany were actually good additions to the challenge roster, so even if a couple good eggs come out of this I think it’s a positive.

  12. It would’ve been fun/drama to see family vs family for elimination. Will they just say Bloodline X got voted in, so their relative/alum X can’t compete against them, bc then there will be no point in an elimination game bc they’ll both be sent home no matter what?

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