Road Rules

Road Rules Turns 20

Happy 20th birth Road Rules! On July 19, 1995 the show premiered with its first season. 20 years later, the show has been on “hiatus” for 8 years. Unlikely to ever return to our screens, fan of the show still hope to see their favorite Roadie on the Challenge. This is what original cast looked like:

flip1This is drastically different than the casts we see on MTV today, aside from the fact that Mark is there. Then again, Road Rules is very different than the shows we see today. Road Rules, above all else, was about the experience. It wasn’t just about people forced to live together. It was about going to different areas of the world and exploring what they had to offer. It was about pushing limits and facing fears. It was about immersing oneself in a new culture. Perhaps that is why the 14th season failed. That season was more of a game show with Wendy’s product placement. Most of the core elements of Road Rules were missing.

While Road Rules is indefinitely gone, it’s fans still remain and continue to hold onto hope that the show will one day return.


  1. I hope it comes back some shape or form. If the Amazing Race can last 26 seasons I think why not a RV and six roadies.

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