7 Women Who Were the True Bosses On The Challenge

The Challenge tends to be dominated by men. Men tend to make all of the decisions for the team, men tend to be the focus of the competitions, and the guys have even dominated the drama on recent seasons. However, most of the successful Challenge teams have had a dominate woman behind their success, and these are some of the women who had all the control on their team.

7. Tori (Cutthroat)


Brad was undeniably the team captain for the red team on Cutthroat, but when it comes to calling the shots Brad admitted one thing: Happy wife, happy life. THere’s no denying that Tori played a huge role in making decisions on Cutthroat, but her voice was often multiplied due to the fact that she had a lifelong teammate in Brad.

6. Sarah (Battle of the Seasons)

IMG_9666When you look at all of the teams on Battle of the Seasons, it tended to be the men calling the shots: Zach/Frank, CJ, even Dustin. Then, there was the leader of team Brooklyn. Sarah was able to use her brains and brawn to rally up her team and make it to the final, and the fact that she got Devyn to a final speaks volumes about her leadership abilities.

5. Emily (Battle of the Sexes)


OK, the leader of the woman’s team is going to be a female. However, Emily’s reliance on manipulations and scare tactics made her a unique leader. She certainly earned her ranks in the inner circle, but her willingness to ruthlessly pick off her foes for personal reasons proved that not every leader has the team’s best interest at heart. However, there’s no denying that Emily did have control over her team.

4. Evelyn (The Gauntlet 3)


Evelyn has made some questionable decisions on The Challenge, but she has been able to make these decisions based on one fact alone: she knows she’s strong. Evelyn willingly partnered with the guys on her team to “trim the fat,” knowing that she could go into Gauntlets and win. Ultimately, the team did throw missions, but their mistake was the “fat” that they didn’t trim off of the guys’ side.

3. Coral (Battle of the Sexes 2)


Coral has always had control on The Challenge, but there was no season where this was better displayed than Battle of the Sexes 2. Sure, she was the captain of a sinking ship, but she was able to call shots for the team and demonstrate successful execution of the missions. Unlike previous seasons, she did not have to rely on The Miz to support her decisions. She was standing her own ground this time!

2. Veronica (The Inferno)


Veronica has a reputation for causing drama, and this reputation is seriously overshadows the fact that she was really, really good for a while. On The Inferno, she won multiple Lifeshields and was able to convince the team to throw missions so she didn’t have to go into The Inferno. Perhaps she didn’t have the muscle that he guys had, but the guys were always playing by her terms.

1. Susie (The Ruins)


Johnny, Evan, and Kenny are known as a powerhouse alliance, but they were all at the mercy of Susie on The Ruins. The entire team wanted to keep Casey on the Challengers team as insurance for the final, but when Susie has to go into the last Ruins, she knew that she could get her way. Ultimately, the team knew they were only as fast… and as happy, as their sole female finalist, and the made sure to keep Susie happy.


11 thoughts on “7 Women Who Were the True Bosses On The Challenge

  1. Production had a help in taking Susie to the final. JEK were told to give Susie who she wanted in the elimination against Kim and wasn’t she in a relationship with one of the production members.

  2. Susie did marry one of the camera guys on that challenge. Also Her and Sarah are friends so I wonder if that’s the reason why Sarah and not Casey made it to the end. Also I like to throw in Coral in the Inferno for sending Trishelle and Mallory home.

  3. People also need to realize that without fey not and jd Sarah might not have made the final. If deyvn and jd lost to Eric and camila Sarah and Chet would not of won the 2 immunities which you have a better chance winning with 4 people and they would of eventually been thrown into elimination until they were gone.

    • Rachel never did anything strategic wise. Veronica and coral did the strategy and the guys knew she was better in the finals over the weaker girls.

  4. Don’t mess with the real world bitches, they rock and you boys don’t so leave the babes alone dudes, they rule your worldsssssss….heheheh…And Sarah and Susie…THE BEST check out BRAIN CANDY PODCAST BY THESE BRAINY BABES!!!

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