When Will Challenge 27 Air?

Filmed for the 27th season of The Challenge has wrapped, but there’s not word yet on when the season will hit our screen. Typically, there are a couple of months between the end of filming and the airing of the first episode. When Challenges are filmed during the summer, that typically allows for more variance between filming and airing of the show.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 8.26.14 PMWe have yet to see a single promotion for this season, meaning we probably have a couple of months to go. Based on my previous experiences with The Challenge, my best guess is we’d see this season air sometime in October, but that’s strictly a guess informed by previous Challenge seasons.

This would be following a timeline similar to The Ruins, though that season filmed about a month earlier than Challenge 27 did. Battle of the Exes 2 had about 4 months between the ending of filming and the airing of episode one. This allowed for the entire holiday to pass.

Of course, as enthusiasm for The Challenge by MTV decreases, there could be delays in the airing of The Challenge. In 2007, when The Gauntlet 3 aired, it was the last season on the contract. With an uncertain outlook for The Challenge, about half a year passed between filming and airing of the season.

Until we get confirmation from production, the premier date is uncertain. It would be a bad choice to allow Christmas/ New Years fall in the middle of airing. So, if production was smart, an October air date would make the most sense. If not, we may be waiting until January.



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