Real World St. Thomas

Is The Real World St. Thomas a Forgotten Season?

It seems like production has no love for the St. Thomas season. For two consecutive seasons, the cast has gotten snubbed in terms of casting. Despite the fact that much of the cast would fit perfectly into themes, production seems reluctant to include them.


As far as Real World seasons go, St. Thomas performed pretty poorly, but there are valid reasons why this seasons would have lower ratings (Direct TV dropping all Viacom networks for a couple of weeks, airing a new episode on the 4th of July, competing against the Olympics). Despite poor performance, the cast was quickly put on Battle of the Seasons.

On their first Challenge, St. Thomas found itself in a funky position where they were neither part of the rookie or “veteran” alliance. With the exception of Marie, the rest of the cast failed to find itself in any focus of storylines. Logically, Marie should have been the break out Challenge star from the season, but she was reluctant to continue with her Challenge career (likely because of how her reality persona would impact her real career). Trey and Robb then appeared on Rivals 2, but neither made it past the halfway mark. Then, Swift and LaToya appeared on Free Agents. Clearly, LaToya was one of the star rookies based on her early win against Jemmye, sassy confessionals, and argument with Jordan. However, the fact that she fits into so few themes has made it difficult for her to be included in other Challenge seasons.

And that’s where St. Thomas’s appearances stop. Trey, Laura, and Swift were all contacted for Battle of the Exes 2, but Swift’s partner declined and Trey and Laura were alternates despite being heavily featured as a couple on The Real World.

Now, it seems production’s interest in St. Thomas is waning. The season seems destined to become one that isn’t frequently featured on The Challenge, if they’re featured at all. Truthfully, it was a season with some strong personalities and it seems this would be a loss for The Challenge.

How do you feel about the St. Thomas cast 3 years after their season premiered? Are they still welcomed on The Challenge, or are they irrelevant?


  1. I wish Marie made another challenge appearance and nearly did (according to your what could have been post) for Exes 2 but Robb passed on it because of his fiancé and job.

    1. They’ve tried to get Marie, but she passed for numerous reasons. I believe, though it’s unconfirmed, that Marie didn’t initially agree to Exes 2 because of her job but was later able to do the Challenge. By that point the cast was either filled or Robb was unable to.

      Production definitely showed interest in Marie but she has other obligations that means she can’t just drop everything and do the Challenge. Eventually production’s interest will disappear.

  2. Both swift and Latoya were alternates for seasons, swift was a alternate for Robb or trey on rivals 2, Robb and Marie were both asked and really wanted by production for exes 2 but Robb dropped, trey/Laura alternates, swift was going to be jasmine partner for exes 2 but jasmine was in school. Marie was contacted for the upcoming challenge but declined and trey had no bloodline. They have been contacted but most of the time they either declined, partner declined, or don’t fit a theme. The only people I would still want to see are Robb, Marie, and Latoya the rest can stay home.

  3. They seem like the modern era’s version of Hollywood. I think Hollywood has like 5 total challenge appearances among the entire cast?

  4. St Thomas is definitely a forgotten season. Sure there were memorable cast members that we got out of it (Robb and Marie; Latoya was pretty funny on Free Agents too) but overall, St Thomas resides in the RW Graveyard of forgotten dreams along with Hollywood and D.C.

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