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How Should Real Worlders Be Employed?

Happy Labor Day! Being in The Real World house often appears to be one big vacation, but it’s not. Usually, the roommates get assigned to a job. This means they have to wake up, work up to 20 hours a week, and actually EARN their money (which inevitably gets spent on booze). Usually, these jobs play into the unique location in some way, but they don’t always.


These jobs basically fall into three categories.

The Dream Internship: Sometimes, the cast really lucks out. They get the privilege of doing a job most people would kills for. Take the Austin cast who got to make a documentary of bands playing in South By Southwest. Or the Seattle cast who got their own radio show. These are opportunities, while they do embrace the unique city of the season, the most people could not obtain without being a Real World roommate.

Behind the Scenes: These are the jobs that regular people could work, but are still unique to the location. Take the Cancun season who worked for Student City, a travel agency that booked vacation for spring breakers. Or the Denver cast who worked to provide outdoor experiences for underserved children through a program called Upward Bounds. While most people stand a chance of getting these jobs, they still showcase some unique aspect of the life in the selected city.

The Regular Job: Real World Portland and Skeletons ventured into unchartered territory, they gave the cast regular jobs that college kid/ young adults would hold. Mostly, these jobs are in food service (such as bartending, serving pizza, or selling frozen yogurt). There is nothing unique to filming location, but it also reflects the employment opportunities for the majority of The Real World’s target audience.

No Job: Real World Brooklyn, D.C, and Ex-Plosion didn’t even give the cast a job. Roommate were responsible for finding their own opportunities, or sitting on their asses all season. Sometimes the struggle of finding a job can allow the show to be more relatable to the audience, even though most people still found great opportunities because the camera was following them.

What type of job do you like seeing?


  1. The real world should be regular jobs fast food/retail because this is how most people make a income and shows how struggling and budgeting for money is what most people in the u.s. Face today.

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