Five Suggestions For a Better Real World Season

It’s no secret that The Real World has been struggling. While The Ex-Plosion season saw an upward spike in ratings, it’s apparent that the current formula isn’t building a stable audience. As a long time viewer, here are some of the things I want to see that will make for a better, and more interesting, season.


1. Character Development: This is one of the biggest struggles I had with the Skeletons season. Many of the Skeletons did not contribute to the storylines of the roommates. Rather, they served as tangents that took character development in a new direction. We only have 12-14 episodes to get to know these people, and it’s important for viewers to have an understanding of them before the season ends.

2. Use the Location: Remember when location meant something? In recent seasons, it was merely a backdrop for the twist. I miss the days when the location focused on a social issue or related to a current event.

3. Make the Twist Relatable: Twists aren’t going away, so it’s important that these twists don’t complete derail the show from its original roots. The ex-plosion twist was interesting because many people have exes, and many people can relate to the struggle to build a relationship with their ex. While Skeletons certainly did have relatable moments, the twist was unclear and introduced different social conundrums each week.

4. Go On Vacation: Remember how the cast used to get a built in vacation where they either learned about a new culture or were forced to live in an even more confined space and argue about their existing problems? Haven’t seen one of those in a while, but it was alway a good change of pace for the season.

5. Cast Well-Rounded Individuals: I understand that they want to cast good looking people, but there are better ways to get a good cast than picking 5-7 models. Coming into the season, we seem to have fewer huge characters than we did in the past, and this may contribute to the fact that the show hasn’t been reeling in the viewers. Sure, we have a lot of confessional sex, but it takes longer than before the break the surface of the cast.


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