The Real World Heading Back to Vegas?

Whoever thinks location doesn’t matter on The Real World is wrong, or at least production seems to think so.


Rumors about the location of season 31 have been swirling for a while, but recent evidence seems to point to a double repeat location: Las Vegas.

However, it appears production has been eyeing a different location downtown as opposed to the same room in the Hard Rock Hotel. No word on anything else going into the filming of this season, as the twist still remains unknown (if there’s even going to be one).

While nothing is official yet, Vegas seems to be the most probably location for filming. How do you feel about the show being filmed in Vegas…again?


6 thoughts on “The Real World Heading Back to Vegas?

  1. Mtv almost lost partnership with the hard rock because of Adam so I will be she go if it is at the hard rock. Even though both Vegas seasons were fantastic they will need to make another almost perfect cast again to get even get close to great ratings. The best theme would be addictions as in alcoholism, gambling, or maybe had to work demeaning job for money to make ends meat.

  2. I think they need to consider other places before going to Vegas for a third season. Why not Atlanta? Ace could give the cast mates jobs. Dallas? Houston? Tampa? Phoenix? Charlotte? There’s other places that haven’t been feautred on the show to consider before going to Vegas again.

    • Considering what happened in rw Austin that probably why they haven’t gone back there. The people of charolotte had a petition and had many arguments to not have rw there. The best opinion that they have not been to is Atlanta or Nashville would be really cool.

      • One drunken Ahole shouldn’t ruin the whole freakin state chances of getting another season. Plus if I recall, Austin is consider the best season (well one of them). I like for them to consider Dallas maybe get jobs working for Jerry Jones (big if I know but can’t blame me for dreaming). Nashville would be a cool place. Would it be interesting to have Ace (if they do the season in Atlanta) as the castmates boss?

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