The Challenge

Six of the Best Friendships Formed on The Challenge

Every so often, enemies will become friends on The Challenge. Though we seldom see two individuals who come together as Challenge and real-life friends, it has been observed on a few occasions on The Challenge. These are some of the people who have united to become friends on and off screen:

Bananas & Leroy


Despite Leroy being much newer to The Challenge scene than Bananas, these two have found themselves united on recent seasons. Particularly on seasons like Free Agents and Battle of the Exes 2 we have seen Bananas count on Leroy. There friendship was tested after Bananas left early on Exes 2 and Leroy started working with Wes, but once Bananas returned to the house Leroy hopped back onto the Banana boat.

Evelyn & Kellyanne


Initially bonding over their hatred of Mr. Bananas on The Island, Ev and Kellyanne quickly became friends and allies on that season. On its reunion show, the two maintained their friendship despite Evelyn eventually working with Bananas. On The Ruins, when Evelyn started working with Wes, she found herself competing against Kellyanne in a Ruins as a form of punishment from her team. Angered, Ev did something uncharacteristic. She threw the elimination to Kellyanne and was sent packing early.

Mark & Ericbestiesmarkeric

This friendship is one part original Real Worlder and on part original Road Ruler. Mark and Eric found themselves as the hosts of the original Battle of the Seasons. This was a sweet gig, but on the following season, Battle of the Sexes, the two became closer friends at members of the same team. Mark won that seasons, and the duo returned for the second installment of Battle of the Sexes. On this season, Mark sacrificed his game right before the final mission so Eric could make it to the end and compete, and inevitably win.

Cara & Susie



As teammates on The Gauntlet 2, Cara and Susie found themselves in an alliance against a flock of Road Rules X-treme girls. This alliance caused riffs on the team, but the two didn’t really care because they had each other’s backs. They then returned together on The Inferno 3 where both of them played with the intent of making it to the final mission together. They did, even though Susie had to send Paula into The Inferno to preserve Cara’s spot on the team. The two didn’t win, but they spent their entire trip together.

Kenny & Evan


Always up to antics, these two met on Fresh Meat and did multiple shows together. They made it to the end of The Gauntlet 3 together, won The Ruins together, and lost Rivals… but not together. When these two are on the show they are known as one of the strongest alliances, and for good reasons. They will always vote together, never vote for each other, and screw over anyone else in the process.

Rachel & Veronica


Rachel and Veronica had quite a streak of being the “mean girls” of The Challenge. After winning The Gauntlet together, they proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Rachel was one of the strongest girls to play the game while Veronica was one of the sneakiest. The then appeared on Battle of the Sexes 2 where they didn’t win, but they did promote their t-shirt line the entire season. On The Inferno 2 they continued to appear as a force, making it to the finals together but ultimately losing. In real life these two were best friends, maybe even more, but that’s there business.



  1. I don’t think Johnny and Leroy should be there, I was thinking a little more like Cara Maria and Laurel, now that friendship has been one huge rollercoaster and they’re still friends

    1. I don’t think Susie and Sarah should be on this list because their friendship has never been shown on the show. On the ruins they never really were interactive with each other.

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