Real World Seasons 31: Filming Starts

The first pictures from the 31st season of The Real World are starting to emerge, confirming that the season will be filmed in Las Vegas again.


While very little is known about the cast, but based on the pictures it looks like there are 4 girls and 3 guys. These photos are also taken in a very different setting than we’re used to seeing for a Vegas season. The cast is not pictured in the Hard Rock hotel, rather they are pictured in the penthouse at the Gold Spike Hotel.

Hopefully we’ll be getting more news soon!



2 thoughts on “Real World Seasons 31: Filming Starts

  1. The 31st Season will film from FRI. OCT 9, 2015 to TUE. DEC 22, 2015. The official cast has been filming for 4 days now and getting to know the locals. Their is some speculation that the twist for Season 31, is very odd. From having the cast’s siblings move in, to the cast competing in challenges for money, to having the past Real World Alumni move in without them knowing.

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