Rivals 3

Challenge 28: Official Cast

Here we go again guys, sooner than expected. This is believed to be the official cast of the 28th season of The Challenge.

The cast departed late on November 4th and are believed to be headed to Mexico.

Also, this is a spoiler. However, this post will only contain the cast members, location and potentially the theme.

LOCATION: Huatluco, Mexico


Amanda Garcia (Are You the One? Season 3)


Ashley Mitchell (Real World Ex-Plosion)


Averey Tressler (Real World Portland)

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.46.10 PM

Brandon Tindel (Are You the One? Season 2)


Briana Lacuesta (Are You the One? Season 2)


Camila Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge)


Cheyenne Floyd (Are You the One? Season 3)ch28cheyenn

Christina LeBlanc (Are You the One? Season 2)


Cory Wharton (Real World Ex-Plosion)

ch28coryDario Medrano (Are You the One? Season 2)


Devin Walker (Are You the One? Season 3)


Jamie Banks (The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines)


Jenna Compono (Real World Ex-Plosion)


Jessica McCain (Real World Portland)


Johnny Bananas Devenanzio (Real World Key West)


Johnny Reilly (Real World Portland)


Kellyanne Judd (Real World Sydney)


Leroy Garret (Real World Las Vegas)


Nany Gonzalez (Real World Las Vegas)


Nate Siebenmark (Are You the One? Season 2)


Nelson Thomas (Are You the One? Season 3)

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.41.52 PM

Nicole Ramos (The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines)


Sarah Rice (Real World Brooklyn)


Simone Kelly (Are You the One? Season 1)


Thomas Buelle (Real World Ex-Plosion)


Tony Raines (Real World Skeletons)


Vince Gliatta (The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines)


Wes Bergmann (Real World Austin)



TJ Lavin



  1. I know people complain about Bananas, but I love me some Wes/Bananas beef/drama. Hoping Wes gets the best of him this time around!

      1. Lol! Agreed! All Johnny does is use and manipulate people on these challenges. But freaks out and pouts if anyone does the same to him. To be fair with an attitude like that, he’ll never be able to get a real job.

  2. Only 13? Guessing the rest of the cast will be announce later. Surprise Bruno is going to be there since I though he was done with Reality TV as a whole. Surprised about Tony but him and Madison aren’t together anymore and the kid hasn’t been born yet so he has some time.

  3. 7 guys and 6 girls? must be a girl missing…considering devin is on from AYTO3 i gotta assume kiki is the missing female

    1. interesting point…hmmm…i hadnt thought about that at all but you might be on to something….cuz on fresh meat 2 i remember some of the “vets” were challenge rookies themselves like kaitlin, n i wanna say cj…there def was some ridiculous “veterans” so its totally possible that eric banks n nanys cousin would be on a fresh meat 3 ….. i think you could be right the more i look at it….I had been thinking it was stale to put wes n bananas on a season again, but in a fresh meat format that actuallly could work

  4. Totally a Fresh Meat, except they normally do 12 people I thought. The missing girl isn’t Kiki because she’s still posting on Twitter. If you’re really interested, just go to each AYTO girl’s twitter and instagram page to see who’s not posting anymore. I’d do it but I just don’t care that much hahah

  5. Oh dear AYTO have truly invaded the challenge. This might possibly be the worst assembled cast in history. I tell you the challenges keep on getting worse and worse every season. This might be the season that breaks the final straw for me and I’ve been watching since the very beginning!

  6. There’s still 2 girls missing. Rumor also has it another guy is missing which would mean 3 girls are missing.

    Brad Fiorenza (RW: San Diego)
    Averey Tressler (RW: Portland)
    Mandi Moyer (Fresh Meat)

  7. I’m a big Wes fan but it doesn’t look to good for him… Bananas has a strong alliance with Leroy Johnny Reilly nany Camilla His cousin Vince so they may gang up on him… But I love seeing Wes in eliminations he could fight hard and stay in the game

    1. Kellyanne’s there so that could be good for him but I don’t see any other allies for him. I wanna say Jamie but that’s Cara’s cousin and yeah lol

  8. Lookes to me like it’s gonna be real world vs AYTO? Challenge. Not great but at least it will be a team challenge

    1. I don’t think there is enough people to do the ayto vs real world challenge… And yea I think Wes would work with tom Mandi and kellyanne.. Idk about Cory. He is a beast though I think he will give people a lot of trouble in eliminations but idk if he would work well with wes

  9. It’s sad to think after being eligible for two challenges tony is the only one from the skeletons cast to be a challenge. Bruno, Sylvia, violetta would of been way more entertaining for the challenges then him.

      1. They got to find some way to have Sylvia and Violetta together and available because they want to do one together.

  10. Welp, not even half of the currently revealed cast was originally on Real World. Unless this is Real World vs. Everyone else then idk.

  11. I see…. Idk how I like that…. I’d like to see Wes and bananas paired together… But it is also always fun to watch them battle against each other…. But I think it’s time to pair them up they woul prolly win and both vets go out and retire on top

  12. it’s 13 real worlders, and 13 bloodlines, AYTO’s and FM. Seems to me like that has something to do with the format

  13. i doubt its rivals 3. who would Mandi’s partner be?? i don’t think they would partner her with Wes for the THIRD time. And what about Ashley? the only potential team would be her and Tom, and thats not a strong enough rivalry imo

  14. Of course they are going to partner Johnny D and Sarah. I would be shocked if they don’t win half the challenges and win the finale.

  15. So I’ve came up with potential parings and reason why…
    Bananas/Sarah- exes 2
    Tom/Simone-exes2 watch preview.
    Cory/Ashley-Rw explosion
    Johnny R./Jessica-Rw Portland
    Leroy/Jenna??- exes 2
    Devin/Cheyanne- ayto3
    I’m assuming a couple people prolly got in arguments on bloodlines…. Idk who they would pair Wes up with… I’d hate to see him and Mandi together again… But the only other that makes since for Wes is kellyanne

  16. Wes/Camilla
    Official confirmed cast and pairings.
    How do bananas and Sarah get along prolly will do well… I think Wes and Camilla will do well too. And bananas and Camilla got a tight bond so I doubt Wes and bananas go at it… But would love to see them go at it

    1. She was just a rumored cast member from lack of social media and pushing back her wedding date. There was a picture of the cast at the airport with a blonde in it and people were convinced it was Mandi but didn’t think of Sarah even though the girl in the pic also had tattoos because she just got married and said she retired.

      1. Sarah is not dumb. She is partnered with Bananas and based on the other teams she will go far and has a big chance of winning a lot of money.

  17. Yes Leroy and Avery doesn’t make sense..but neither did Leroy and ty in rivals 2… Apparently they like leroynon the challenges so they find away to put him in there kinda like bananas…. The only reason they could be rivals is Leroy and nia sent Avery and Johnny home… And Avery was team Wes in exes two and Leroy was team bananas

  18. Yea Leroy dqs and they send him and Avery home.. But idk who Amanda and Nelson are never really watched are you the one except the first season

  19. Decent cast. Happy to see Simone return and Kellyanne AGAIN <333 Also really excited for Amanda. HAVE ZERO IDEA WHY THEY KEEP BRINGING BACK JENNA!! Does anyone actually like her???! She's boring and stupid… and don't even get me started on them bringing back family members instead of alumnis or actual cast members -_- ALSO where is VIOLETTA!!??

  20. Wikipedia is reporting that 2 more teams are Frank and Sam from San Diego and Jordan and Nia. Interesting to see if both teams are true. Both Frank and Jordan said they were done with the challenges.

    1. I feel like Frank and Jordan would come back together. They’re like really good friends. Maybe they planned it. Sarah said she wasn’t coming back and look at her.

  21. If those are the teams and the theme is really Rivals… I just don’t get it.

    And 13/28 people were on Bloodlines. They filmed season 27 and 28 pretty close together, it would have been a good chance to get fresh faces.

    I was hoping for Free Agents. I’m over Rivals/Exes format for all while because they always seem to reach when pairing up teams.

  22. They need to get rid of ayto, because they don’t bring in the ratings, and do another Fresh Meat. They should change it up and let the Fresh Meat pick the teams.

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