Rivals 3

Challenge 28 Theme Confirmed

CTpxRL-XAAYoFYh.jpg-largeUsually we have to wait a while before we have a confirmed theme for The Challenge, but it appears this season is different. In addition to having some confirmation of the format, we are also receiving spoilers in a very new fashion this time around: Snapchat.

Based on an anonymous Snapchat, it appears that we have a confirmed format: Rivals 3!

Looking at the cast, it most likely seems that this will be coed Rivals. Primarily because we only have 2 people from Are You the One 3, and they are one male and one female.

So far, having a season filmed in Mexico has not disappointed!


  1. Rivals 2 there were sixteen teams, so people could still be missing since there are only 26 people listed on your rumored cast list.

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