Diem Brown

Remembering Diem: One Year Later

One year ago today, the world lost Diem Brown. Though time has passed, it still seems Diem’s legacy shines stronger than ever.

Of course, in the time since her passing her final season of The Challenge aired. On this season, Diem was medically evicted and later received the diagnosis that would claim her life. The episode was heartbreaking to watch, but in a way it allowed Diem to tell her complete story. Prior to her appearing on Battle of the Exes 2, Diem had battled ovarian cancer twice. After her first battle and during her first she was very open with the public about her journey. While she discussed treatments and the physical changes she underwent, Battle of the Exes 2 documented the moments that lead to her diagnosis.

After her passing, many of her fellow cast mates have continued to support causes Diem was passionate about. Namely, her organization Medgift and raising awareness for ovarian cancer and how to get yourself tested.


On the upcoming Challenge season, we will have a guest appearance from CT and Diem’s sister Megan. We all know CT’s relationship with Diem, but if you want to learn more about Megan, she did a memorial video for MTV.

We all still miss Diem. She was always an interesting character on The Challenge and a great person off the show. There are many things that will never be the same with Diem gone, but it is clear that those who knew Diem was blessed to have had time with her.


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