The Challenge

Is The Challenge Becoming MTV’s Trophy Show?

The Challenge has been on MTV for a long time, and it has seen its highs and lows during its lifetime. In more recent years, it always seemed like another MTV shows was overshadowing The Challenge, and its life was in jeopardy.

In recent years, MTV has taken away certain things that indicate their love for the show. For example, they have been cutting out specials (such as a pre-show) and they limit or eliminate repeats of episodes. However, Battle of the Bloodlines has a pre-show and it’s airing fairly frequently on MTV. While this may not be an indicator of how later episodes will be treated, it’s certainly not a bad sign.

Additionally, MTV has already started filming the 28th season of The Challenge before season 27 even started to air. This is a positive sign that MTV is invested in amassing fans and maintaining them. Plus, fans will not have to wonder about the life of the show… for at least one season.

MTV has lost a lot of its anchor shows. Jersey Shore is gone. Teen Mom and Catfish have significantly dropped in ratings. The Challenge, on the other had, has a core audience that has stuck with it for years. While there’s no denying that the show has declined in ratings, it has proven its ability to recover from declines with other shows fail to see a similar rebound.

All of these facts are small indications that The Challenge is getting more attention from MTV. What do you think? Will MTV give the series more recognition, or will they waste all of their resources insisting we watch Ja Rule’s family?


  1. MTV & BMP stopped caring about the challenges a long time ago. I won’t be surprised if Rivals 3 is the last challenge in history. I’ve been a huge fan of the show since day one, but the last couple of years I’ve lost the love I once had for the show

    1. I think losing Road Rules was the beginning of the end really, there’s a number of reasons really Are you the one being added, the old school people not coming back, etc. I still like to see Road Rules come back.

  2. The challenges will most likely end at season 30. No one has time or cares to be on this show anymore and the favorites who want to be on bmp or mtv will not cast them. When they constantly put the same people on and all the time it get stall, repetitive, and we don’t get to see new storylines grow. But I do see them putting more promos for bloodlines on and for them to get Abe and kellyanne on will help but as you can see from the trailers you never see kellyanne anywhere and more Johnny, nany, and Camilla which shows that production does not 100% get what we want but what they want.

    1. Why are they not casting favorites (or certain people)? I’d like to see more core RW and RR people from back in the day.

      1. MTV/BMP think the older cast members are not irrelevant to the current viewer. If they were to get people like Ruthie, Darrell, Mark, Rachel R, Beth etc. who have shown interest a lot to do challenges they would get more older viewers back. Also the fact that themes like rivals, exes, and seasons limit casting choices so if they were to do a old school vs new school or RW vs RR vs FM/SBC/Bloodlines there would be more incentive for older cast members from road rules to come back because a lot of them are friends or keep in contact with each other like Rachel/Veronica/Tina.

  3. I have watched The Challenges since the beginning. It is my absolute favorite show BUT I am getting very tired of the same people challenge after challenge. It’s beginning to be the Bananas show which I can’t stand. If MTV wants to generate more interest in the show, they need to recruit members from the older shows such as Abe and Kellyanne. Bring in a variety of old cast mates and see if the interest increases.

  4. Exes 2 had a special too, btw.
    They can’t afford to lose the challenge. Everything else on MTV is declining much quicker. It will be around for a couple of more seasons unless they come up with a new smash show for MTV. If they are satisfied with the ratings of AYTO3 and still renew it then there’s no way they can be mad at any challenge ratings.

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