Battle of the Bloodlines

Meet The Bloodlines: What We Learned

On Wednesday night, MTV stealthily premier the “Meet the Bloodlines” special. As expected, the show was more about the alumni than the bloodlines. So, in this post I’ve decided to summarize with one interesting fact about each bloodline. Really, there’s not much more to be learned.


Jill (Cohutta’s bloodline)– Jill moved her wedding date forward so she could be on The Challenge with Cohutta, so Cohutta feels obligated to do well.

Shane (Tony’s bloodline)– Having appeared on Real World Skeletons, you may recognize him. He is very close with Tony, and Tony was the first person he came out to.

Emily (Christina’s bloodline)– Emily loved watching her sister on Are You the One because she admires her sister. Also, she may have a crush on Johnny Bananas.

Stephen (Thomas’s bloodline)– Stephen is a mother bloodline you may be familiar with because he was appeared on Real World Ex-Plosion. Despite Thomas claiming to be the better looking twin, Stephen claims he will almost always have Thomas’s back… unless Thomas does something really dumb like cheat on his girlfriend with a girl who’s in a relationship.

Candice (Leroy’s bloodline)– Leroy claims that Candice is a dominate personality, so she’ll fit right in. Also, she has braces, so she’ll stand out.

Larissa (Camila’s bloodline)– Camila didn’t give Larissa a choice… she told her she HAD to do The Challenge. Larissa agreed because she looks up to Camila, who helped to send her to college.

Vince (Banana’s bloodline)– Vince almost played for the Detroit Lions, but after that didn’t work he moved to Florida to start a business (that he can just abandon to do The Challenge).

Nicole (Nany’s bloodline)– Nany is glad to have her hot cousin on the show because she feels she can trust Nicole, and she never fully trusted anyone on The Challenge.

Raphy (Dario’s bloodline)– Raphy and Dario are insanely competitive, but Raphy claims to have the edge. Also, they look very similar and will be impossible to tell apart.

Rianna (Aneesa’s bloodline)– Rianna considers Aneesa to be the big sister she never had, which is surprising considering they didn’t become close until later in life.

Anthony (Kellyanne’s bloodline)– Anthony is scared to come into the house with Kellyanne because he has seen her on other Challenges and knows she had baggage. However, he’’s prepared because he has been competing in Spartan races.

Brianna (Jenna’s bloodline)– Brianna claims that she usually loves her cousin but often finds herself fighting with Jenna. This will become apparent during the season.

Mitch (Cory’s bloodline)– The dramatic difference in appearance is due to the fact that Cory’s mom was adopted. Also, Cory is excited for his cousin to get laid in the house.

Jamie (Cara Maria’s bloodline)– Cara Maria feels Jamie is prepared for The Challenge because he works in a prison and is used to working with nutbags.



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