Real World

Remembering Ryan Knight: One Year Later

Last Thanksgiving, news broke that Real World & Challenge star Ryan Knight passed away at the age of 28. At the time, details were limited but the loss was immediately felt by Challenge fans. Now, a year later, Knight is still missed.

Prior to his passing, Knight filmed Battle of the Exes 2 with his friend and on-again-off-again girlfriend Jemmye. On this season, Knight brought his usual sense of humor and minimal athleticism. The duo didn’t even last half the season, but it was hard to watch the episodes he did appear in because you would never know anything was wrong. During his final elimination round, Knight injured his shoulder (an injury that had been bothering him for years) and never competed in the “Battle of the Exile.”

Jemmye claims she left Exes 2 closer to having a friendship with Knight. Anyone who knew the two (or at least watched them on TV) knows they would always find themselves in arguments, but at her Jemmye’s core she loved Knight and at his core he reciprocated that love.

While Knight’s sudden passing came as a shock to many, others knew he was struggling. Knight had a long struggle with addition, as observed on Real World New Orleans, and this addiction contributed to his passing.

Everyone knew Knight was the life of the party, and without him there is a definite void on The Challenge. On the Exes 2 reunion, Zach teared up over the passing of his friend. He stated that in a weird way, Knight thrived in the Challenge environment. While he wasn’t every athletic, he enjoyed being with people and entertaining everyone. While The Challenge will undoubtedly have pranksters in upcoming seasons, no one will ever replace Knight.

Knight will always be remembered for his glowing personality. He loved his cast mates and cared about them. These people will carry on Knight’s legacy on the Challenge and he will never be forgotten.

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