Five Bloodlines To Keep an Eye On

With The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines premiering this week, many fans are anticipating the return of their favorite alumni. However, it’s time to be prepared to see some of the newbies. While all of the bloodlines contribute something to the show, these are the five bloodlines I really think we should keep an eye on:

Vince (Banana’s cousin)

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.19.17 PM

What is a Challenge without Mr. Bananas? And this time, Bananas brings his cousin Vince. Slightly older than most newbies, Vince has a background using both his muscles and his mind. Apparently this athlete is a favorite of the ladies in the house, not to mention he is one of the biggest guys in the house. Of course production is going to give Bananas a great partner, so it’s likely he’ll be around for a while.

Brianna (Jenna’s cousin)


If anyone looked up to Jenna, you might question how they’ve survived in this world. Meet Brianna, a girl who has the guidance and genes of Jenna. While Jenna’s ability to perform may be questionable, the trailer has shown us that Brianna gets into fights with her cousin. If nothing else, she’ll bring some drama.

Shane (Tony’s brother)


Southern, gay, and the rock of his team. While Tony may have the muscles, Shane is going to be the one to control his brother when he flies off the rails. Tony claims that he gets into fights with Shane from time to time, and the trailer proves to use that the fights will not stop on The Challenge. With a little skill and a lot of luck, Tony and Shane could be the rookies to beat.

Nicole (Nany’s cousin)


She’s got looks, personality, and two massive eyebrows. This model is going to stir some things up on The Challenge. Given the fact that she is related to, and partnered with, Nany, it’s likely her first Challenge experience will put her in the fast lane. Whether you like her or not, it seems very unlikely that the camera will ignore Nicole.

Mitch (Cory’s cousin)

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.20.43 PM

Another newbie partners with a newbie, Mitch seems like a mixed bag. According to Cory he is ready to meet the ladies of The Challenge and he’s ready to compete. While we don’t know how well Cory will do, Mitch seems like he could be a flop or he could unleash his inner beast.

Which “bloodlines” are you ready to meet?


  1. UFF Yes, the brows on Nicole! They were so distracting. Between those and her eye makeup, I could barely concentrate on what she was saying.

  2. I don’t see even half the bloodlines being asked back. They don’t seem to fit with the challenge cast. Other then Jamie, Vince, and Nicole being on rivals 2 the only others I would be interested seeing again are Mitch, Michael, and Riana.

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