Battle of the Bloodlines

Does the New Bloodlines Format Work?

SUPER TWIST! This week the pairs of bloodlines and alumni were divided. There are two teams, and no bloodline is on a team with his/her alumni counterpart.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 7.51.02 PM

As I wrote about earlier, the formatting kind of sucked. Primarily, this was because of the inequality for co-ed teams.

The formatting now works as follows: The losing team of the daily challenge votes one player (male or female depending on the day) to The Pit. If you win, you vote a second player (again, male or female depending on the day) from the losing team into the Pit. However, the loser of The Pit takes their counterpart home with him/her.

The drastically changes the game, in some aspects it’s good, in other’s it’s bad.

The Good: Finally, we have a team Challenge again. Fans have wanted this for ages. Also, there is some balance for co-ed teams. There will be days when they are immune from elimination (if it’s a male day, and the male is on the winning team, that coed team cannot go to The Pit). This format also provides the benefit of guaranteeing that every person is eligible for elimination. For example, if the red team loses Rianna will have to compete in The Pit. Aneesa cannot always compete for her.

The Bad: People are going to go home with no ability to defend themselves. If Nicole loses The Pit, Nany will go home with no ability to defend herself and having won the daily challenge. Also, there is minimal incentive to win. In fact, a lot of people have reason to throw challenges. This is a huge advantage for coed teams. If Cara Maria and Jamie really wanted to, they could throw challenges so Jamie wins all of the male elimination days and Cara Maria wins all of the female elimination days.

I will admit, I am more excited for this format than I was when they were in pairs. Maybe it’s because they’re in pairs or maybe it’s because the format is so new, but a part of me is excited. However, I cannot ignore all of the flaws in the formatting that could make the show messy.

What re you thoughts?


  1. I like the theme of Bloodlines. but I think they should have used the format for freshmeat.(as far as the voting process into elimination)

  2. Suuuuuuuuuuuccccck.

    Seriously, I had to listen to Jeff Probst explain a double-tiebreaker vote last week, to the point where he had to draw out what was going on, and it was less of a headache to deal with than the BOTB format swap. Either go with duos or start with teams. And let the “bloodlines” stay in the game. It adds a layer of strategy that makes things more confusing.

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