Is The Battle of the Bloodlines Format The Worst Format Ever?

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.37.07 PMOn paper, the Battle of the Bloodlines format seems great. It’s new, brings in new Challenge candidates, and guarantees drama. When this format gets implemented, there is one huge issue: some teams are never safe.

This week we saw the first Pit and it was a female elimination. Jenna & Brianna competed against Christina & Emily. During this When they arrived in The Pit, TJ told them only one member of the team compete, while the other cheers.

In this elimination, there really was no inequalities. Moving forward, we will certainly see the co-ed teams get screwed over. Aside from winning, the co-ed team will never be exempt from elimination. A team like Cara Maria & Jamie would have been able to go into elimination this week and Cara would have been forced to compete. Next week, this team is still vulnerable and Jamie would be forced to compete.

The other, and perhaps bigger, inequity is due to the fact that the power team and target a specific team based on which sex is going into elimination. If they want Leroy out, just send Candice in against a team like Aneesa and Rianna. Candice is forced to compete while either Aneesa or Rianna can compete based on who is better suited for that elimination.

What do you think? Is this and unfair twist? Or does it spice up the game?


7 thoughts on “Is The Battle of the Bloodlines Format The Worst Format Ever?

  1. I think we have to get a little bit deeper into the season, I have a feeling there will be a lot of twists coming up

    • In the preview at the end of the first episode it shows that they are gonna end up in two teams bloodlines vs actual challengers

  2. I feel like it’s a bit of a cluster at the moment. I agree that there seems to be some twists in the game that may kill the current format. But I just don’t think it works.

    And where did they find these bloodlines? Has casting lowered their standards? I wouldn’t have went with this format unless I could find some great cast members that woukd have the potential to return to future challenges. Aside from Vince and Jamie, none of the bloodlines spark my interest. (Maybe Anthony. Haven’t seen enough of him yet.) Yes Shane and Nicole know how to get camera time but that doesn’t do it for me.

    All in all….this format isn’t working for me. Especially if someone challenge faves like Leroy and Bananas without having a shot in elimination. Unfortunately the male/female teams throw things off a bit.

  3. My onlyou confusion is with who wins the daily challenge. Were we supposed to believe the girl/girl teams had a shot of beating the guy/guy teams? Can anyone win or is the winner gender specific?

  4. well if you watched the most recent episode (the one that aired an hour ago) they’re switching up teams so the contestants will no longer be playing with their bloodline. They will be playing against their bloodline. I think because of this change up, the teams will be made co-ed. in the preview for the next episode which has camila screaming and crying (again), they give no hint to who’s with who or how the terms will be set up. but i think it might be co ed because CT and Diems sister come into the mix later in the season as a CO-ED team. that’s at least what I think.

  5. Well it Isco partly unfair to have a guy/girl team because they will always be up for an elimination and also a there is a huge advantage for having to guys or girls because if they go into an elimination that favors physical or mental parts they can pick the partner who is stronger or smarter then then the one on a co Ed team.

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