The Challenge

Injuries That Killed Challengers Chances at Victory

This week marked an injuryfest on The Challenge, when we saw two teams get sent home due to injured teammates. While this is a bummer for Leroy & Candice and Tony & Shane, it’s not the first time ailments have sent competitors packing. Let’s check out the injuries that cast teams the game:

Coral (The Gauntlet)


In the early days of The Challenge, people generally were not medically evicted from the show. However, a spider bite sent Coral to the emergency room during The Gauntlet final. This penalized her team and sabotaged her chance of winning.

Coral & Evan (Fresh Meat)


Evan tried to put his growing sports hernia on the back burner to continue competing on his first Challenge, but a human ox pull worsened his injury and resulted in Coral dislocating her knee, sending both players home.

Eric (The Gauntlet 3)


Call is exhaustion, dehydration, or obesity. Whatever you call it, Eric collapsed while competing in the Gauntlet 3 final. For some unknown reason, losing a player disqualified your team from the final challenge so production handed the rookies all of the money, Thankfully, Eric has gotten himself in better shape since this Challenge.

Chet (Cutthroat)

Falling into the water can cause a lot of complications for people, and multiple injuries have been the result of these falls. Chet received a concussion during the Surf’s Up challenge on Cutthroat, but that didn’t stop him from completing the mission. However, TJ takes head injuries seriously and set Chet home to recover.

Abe & Sarah (Cutthroat)


Much like Eric on The Gauntlet 3, these two seems to have just collapsed during the final and were escorted to the hospital. Of course, they did not disqualify their teams from the final, even though the grey team didn’t win.

Dustin (Battle of the Exes)

Dustin fell climbing the stairs and split his knee opened. While the injury seemed minor, it did require stitches and apparently contact with water could result in infection… so he got the boot and took Heather with him.

Frank (Free Agents)


Frank contracted some type of virus or pneumonia while in Uruguay. After enduring the first two eliminations, medics decided he was not fit to compete. According to Frank, he was past the point of contagious and was recovering when sent home, production just sent him home for dramatic effect.

Diem (Battle of the Exes 2)


Hopefully I don’t have to explain what happened to Diem here, but if I do, her stomach pains on Exes turned out to be the beginning of her final battle with cancer. Clearly unable to continue competing, she was airlifted to New York and CT left to be by her side.

Candice (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.00.54 PM

Candice broke and toe and split her lip opened during the Meet Me Halfway challenge. While she was ready to fight through the pain, production sent her home with her cousin Leroy.

Tony (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.36.21 PM

Another wound that can be credited to falling into water, Tony’s gradual decline started with a fall during the Meet Me Halfway challenge. His first hospital visit yielded no results, but after collapsing while filming, it was discovered his spleen ruptured and he had to go into emergency surgery.

Close Calls

Timmy (Inferno 3)- While production say Timmy lost due to not breaking a pane of glass, he really tore his knees up during the Smash House Inferno. This injury would not have allowed him to continue competing regardless of the “rules” of the Inferno.

Shauvon (The Ruins)- Although Shauvon thought she popped an implant, doctors said it was just bruising to the chest. Shauvon sent herself home, which would have happened anyway.

Katelynn (Fresh Meat 2)- Katelynn dislocated her knee while climbing a wall during a challenge. While production states that she & Brandon were sent home due to Brandon drinking a beer prior to Exhile, we know Katelynn and her crutches could not complete an Exhile. Also, production would have had to give Brandon that beer…

Jenn (Rivals)- Jenn suffered from some type of food poisoning or stomach bug right before the Rivals final. While she was not disqualified, her lethargy and diarrhea probably didn’t help her in a final. Because she did so poorly in the final, production just said she was done.

Chet (Free Agents)- After slicing his chin opened during the first elimination of the season, Chet decided to go home so he could properly heal rather then spend the season with Uruguay-grade stitches in his chin.

Cara Maria (Free Agents)- After fracturing a bone in her hand, production did not send Cara Maria home. But the next elimination, where she competed, was Wrecking Wall (a climbing game). So basically, production sent Cara Maria home.

Knight (Battle of the Exes 2)- Knight lost his Dome fair and square on Battle of the Exes 2, but he did injure his shoulder so he was unable to redeem himself in the Battle of the Ex-iled.


  1. Didn’t Tyler have the same problem as Jenn during Rivals?
    Also add Tonya to the list because right she tore her ACL on the Gauntlet?
    And Colin (Battle of the Sexes) & Kenny (Gauntlet 3) had slight ankle injuries.

  2. Does Ty count on cutthroat because he wasn’t eating enough because of his job which is why he gassed out during the elimination causing him to DQ. Also Wes supposedly hurt his neck during his exes 2 elimination against Leroy and losing still.

  3. “her stomach pains on Exes turned out to be the beginning of her final battle with cancer.”

    Well, she knew she her cancer had returned before filming began, she just didn’t seem to tell production. So she probably knew the pains were due to the cancer.

    For Brandon on Fresh Meat II, the reasoning was he had a beer the morning of the Exile. So production didn’t give it to him, it was probably in the house.

    1. Foods, you’re pretty correct about Diem. She knew something was wrong but went anyways.

      As for Brandon, production has to give them alcohol. They monitor what the cast consumes. Other people have had alcohol before their eliminations and gotten a pass. The reality is, production didn’t want CJ to have the luxury of perusing Exhile while Katelynn hobbled along.

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