Battle of the Bloodlines Johnny Bananas

Is Johnny Bananas Screwed?

Are we in for the Rookie Revolution 2.0? It looks like some of the rookies are ready to make moves at Johnny’s expense.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 7.50.34 PM

Namely, we have teams like Cory & Mitch, Thomas & Stephen, and Dario & Raphy ready to spearhead a rookie movement, and the interesting thing about this game is Johnny can never fully win immunity during a guy’s week.

Right now, Johnny is a vulnerable as he will ever be. Camila just left due to Larissa losing in The Pit. Leroy just got sent home due to Candice’s injuries. His only real ally in the house is now Nany. At this point he is relying on the other “veterans” in the house, namely: Aneesa, Cara Maria, and Kellyanne. While these people share the commonality of being more seasoned, they have never fully sided with Bananas before.

With the numbers not on his side, the rookies can set Bananas or Vince up to go into a losing elimination. The catch: one of these rookies will likely have to go in to do the dirty work. Most of the males seem to be on the rookies side while Bananas only potential male ally is Anthony because he’s Kellyanne’s bloodline.

Despite the fact that numbers don’t seem to benefit Bananas, there is a curve ball in the house: Abram. If he want s to side with Bananas, he may be able to send rookies into The Pit. If Abe decides he doesn’t want to help Bananas then Bananas should really be worried.

Do you think Johnny Bananas can survive the wrath of these new kids?


  1. He is such a slime ball that he will manipulate his way to end. Plus both him and Vince are strong competitors so there aren’t that many people who can beat him in an elimination.

    Side note: I would LOVE to see Bananas and CT in an elimination against each other again!

  2. Part of the episode summary from the 11 p.m. installment reads, “Bananas pulls a jaw-dropping move that makes the entire house question his loyalty.” My prediction: he does something to throw his lot with the rookies, alienating himself in the process.

  3. This season of the challenge is pretty good so far. VERY Entertaining! I’ve never been this entertained by a Challenge since the era of The Gauntlet 1-Gauntlet 2)

  4. Abram is making this season 100 times better for entertainment and the fact that he hates Johnny and only calls him John.

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