Battle of the Bloodlines

Should Cara Maria Confess To Abram?

There’s an elephant in the room, and he has a twin brother.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 8.07.25 PM

Now that Abe is in the house, Cara Maria is holding a secret. Everyone knows that she hooked up with Thomas… except Abe.

Regardless of how far the two went, both Thomas and Cara Maria admit there was flirting, and private time spent together. Many cast members have alluded to the relationship going further, but that is yet to be confirmed. Either way, Abe knows none of it and is treating Cara Maria the same as he did prior to this Challenge.

For Cara Maria, this could be a show stopper. This could cause waves that gives her immense mental stress. It could also lose her allies, because both Abe and Thomas are working with her at this point.

Of course, telling Abe could also lift a great amount of stress off of her shoulders. If she can clear the air she may be able to maintain relationships, and not lose her boyfriend in the process.

Do you think Cara Maria should tell Abe about her relationship with Thomas? Or should she wait?


      1. You are so right! I love Cara and Abram together! I just pains me watch as she screws up their relationship for Thomas. He’s not a big power player–PLUS he is not even that good looking.

  1. She should because one it would be the right thing to do plus he’ll know either way (according to reviews, he will) he’ll know. It’s best to tell then him finding out from someone like Bananas.

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