Battle of the Bloodlines

Was It Smart For Kellyanne to Volunteer?

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The blue team keeps losing, and that means players have to go in. While some people have accepted a fate in The Pit, no one seemed quite as willing to go in as Kellyanne.

Many people thought Kellyanne volunteered because she was over the game. She’s been the center of drama, lost her boy toy Dario, and doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s alliance. Volunteering to The Pit would be the most noble way to leave because no one would have to leave this week that didn’t want to.

However, Kellyanne won in The Pit, so it seems unlikely that she wanted to go home (though Nany may have wanted to go home worse). The other theory, she wanted to save face. After getting into a fight with Aneesa, she didn’t exactly win fans. Instead of hearing her whole team vote her in, she decided to take the high road and accept her fate in The Pit. This spares her feeling, makes life easier for her teammates, and saves her from embarrassment. Also, by volunteering at this point in the game Kellyanne had the possibility to facing a weaker girl than an elimination pro like Aneesa.

The third theory, she was just confident. Sometimes people have mentally prepared themselves for The Pit and want to show their strength. Kellyanne could have really felt this was her time to shine.

Do you think it was a good idea for Kellyanne to go into The Pit?


  1. I don’t know where to post this but I saw on robot chicken a spoof of the challenge and it was fantastic. Sarah constantly saying this changes everything, Johnny looking roided and stupid, nany making out a lot, and tj saying you killed it (he voiced himself). It was based off exes 2 and had wolverine and Jean gray and they start attacking everyone.

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