Battle of the Bloodlines

Battle of the Bloodlines: Top Moments from Episode 7

The truth comes out this week… well, kind of.

1. Crazy In Love

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.11.34 PM

In an attempt to shatter all of Cara Maria’s alliances, Bananas and Vince decide to let Abe know that Cara Maria is being awfully friendly with Thomas. Abe then sits down and confronts Cara Maria, Thomas, and their bloodlines. Cara Maria says that after voting in Thomas and Stephen, she felt bad and wanted to build back their trust, so she was really friendly. Abe is somewhat understanding, and thinks Bananas and Vince were just trying to cause waves. However, Cara Maria later confesses to “making Thomas sandwiches” and “giving back massages.” This disappoints Abe, and he loses all respect for Thomas and asks Cara Maria to vote Thomas into The Pit.

2. Bus Bullies

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.18.42 PM

On the way to the next challenge, Abe decides to get to the front of the bus and confront the entire cast. Basically, he states that Thomas and Stephen are not allies with Cara Maria and will stab her in the back. Stephen claims they made no promises, and Cara Maria starts to get defensive by stating that Abe wanted to take out Bananas because he stood in the way of her winning. Bananas and Abe chuckle about their mutual hatred, but are now setting out to make Thomas public enemy #1.

3. Hand Under Hand

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.26.38 PM

This week’s challenge is called Hand Me Down and the goal is to traverse a series of ropes dangling 44 stories in the air. The blue team gets off to a rough start when Aneesa refuses to compete. Thomas then fails to make it across for the red team. However, the red team then have a series of success when Abe, Cory, Anthony, Bananas and Cara Maria make it across. Only Kellyanne and Stephen make it across on the blue team, and then they get to the point where they cannot win. So, the red team wins again.

4. Votes and Volunteering

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.33.14 PM

Mike decides he wants to do something for a change, so he nominates himself to go into The Pit. On the red team, they decided to vote. Abe get his wish when Cara Maria votes Stephen into The Pit. Thomas tries to return the favor by voting in Jamie, but this just seals his fate. Stephen is going to face Mike.

5. Getting Wrecked

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.37.44 PM

This Pit has a fitting name for the situation as it is called Home Wrecker. The goal is to smash all of the furniture in a room and dispose of it through a tiny hole in the wall. Mike, who builds houses, is comfortable smashing everything. On the other hand, Stephen has “noodly arms” according to Jenna, and can’t swing a sledgehammer properly. So, Mike easily wins and sends home Thomas and Stephen. Then, as Abe returns home to celebrate, the camera turns to Cara Maria confessing to Jamie that she’s ready to leave Abe…


  1. Feel for Tom.

    In the two eliminations that sent him home, he wasn’t involved in it whatsoever.

    Even worse, the one time he did get to compete in an elimination himself, he won easily.

      1. You’re probably right. Wouldn’t say it’s definite, though. I think his head was in the game more than Stephen, and he proved he’s no slouch in eliminations after beating Cohutta. I just imagine I’d be very frustrated if I went into 3 eliminations and won the only one I actually got to participate in.

  2. OMG! Abram is so crazy. So fun to watch, but CRAZY as FUCK!

    I am really interested to see if Abram & Cara manage to make it work. Does anyone know if they are still together?

  3. This was such a thrilling (for lack of a better word) yet sad episode and after show. I feel so bad for cara and Abe, what a fucked up situation. Cara obviously cares for him and she definitely made a mistake, but to be honest Abe is unpredictable and I don’t blame her for wanting to get away from him. I really hope they reconcil in the end. I guess we will have to wait for the reunion to find out!

    Also I feel like the eliminations up to the point had been shit, but I swear this is one of the best, most fun eliminations I’ve seen!

  4. Abe is effin awesome love everything about him! I actually don’t think he’s crazy at all lol I’d prob flip out even more if I found out days later what went on behind my back. Feel bad for him. Cara on the other hand is an a-hole if you ask me. Plays the victim didn’t even kiss his ass afterwards. Should have gotten down on her knees for a man like that. Not Thomas! Eeekk

  5. Cara wants out of her relationship, but can’t seem to get out. Strange situation. I feel like Abe is controlling and she basically has to walk on egg shells around him. His reaction to her cheating was not what she was hoping for. I think she was hoping that he would breakup with her.

    1. Oh please I don’t believe it at all! She was guilty as all hell and didn’t know how to react cause she’s an a-hole! She knew he would freak out so she used that to her advantage by making him look crazy and playing the victim. Should have been kissing his ass if you ask me. Guarantee they’re back together and she begged for him back. From what I’ve read and seen through the years ( follow their Instagram and FB) he treats her real well and gives her everything she wants. She f-cked up this time. But yea I bet they’re back together. Oh but he’s so abusive. Please give me a break

      1. Kiss his ass for what? He made himself look crazy- he makes himself look crazy on any and every challenge he’s on. I liked Abe but don’t forget a few years ago in “real life” he was arrested and smeared sht al over the jail cell like some nasty animal- so his insanity is not an act. That was why she dumped him the first time… Also he admitted to cheating on her with MANY women back then. If you ask me Cara is very emotionally weak and she is trapped in a crazy ass relationship. Instead of working at the gym she should work on herself and try to be stronger woman emotionally

      2. She should have been kissing his ass for cheating on him! If she actually cared about him or felt the least bit sorry. Which she basically acts like she doesn’t only to justify her actions. She didn’t even want to help him or herself especially during the challenge. Still was helping out the dude she cheated on him with! And she broke up with him cause he smeared shit in the jail cell?? Don’t believe that one. I believe he smeared shit cause the police arrested him and only him when tons of other people were caught peeing outside cause bathrooms broke down. Wanted to make an example of him. Anyways I’m not excusing his behavior, I myself would never do that. The cheating thing, that’s a first I’m hearing. Just don’t believe that. What first few months of their dating? And I def don’t think she’s trapped. I think she enjoys every minute of his so called “craziness”. She just flipped the shit on him, knowing he would freak out after what she did. Then plays the scared victim. Trust me she’s a lot smarter than you all think. I’m not saying he’s not crazy but he’s not insane. Just crazy fun if you ask me. He is who he is! Hasn’t changed since the first day she met him!

  6. It probably makes you want to think what would of happened if Abe was not on this challenge and just watch cara on tv and there was no one around to see his reaction.

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