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If you’ve been watching Battle of the Bloodlines, you may have noticed one thing: This cast is old! Compared to other seasons, the average age is really high. Of course, there are some young’ns on the show, but even some of the bloodlines are pretty old (two are 31).

So, I wanted to take a look at some of the oldest people to do a Challenge. The ages measured are the ages during the time of filming. If someone had a birthday during filming dates, I assumed they had their birthday on the show unless I knew otherwise, so the older age counts. The only rule: you may only be on the list once, so only your most recent appearance counts.


Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.21.01 PM

Doing Challenges into your 30’s is becoming increasingly common, so we’re going to start off with those slightly older than 30. At 32 we’ve seen:

  • Abram (Battle of the Bloodlines)
  • Alton (Battle of the Seasons)
  • Timmy (Inferno 3)
  • David E. (Battle of the Sexes)



While most of these people remain physically fit, this is really where we start seeing fewer and fewer competitors.

  • Johnny Bananas (Battle of the Bloodlines)
  • Trishelle (Rivals 2)
  • Jo (The Gauntlet 2, though this is an estimate because only her birth year is known)
  • Eric N. (Battle of the Sexes 2)



Looking at these people, we see two people who made their Challenge debut at age 34, while Aneesa debuted at 21 and kept coming back. We also see a Challenger who spent the last decade of her life embracing all challenges she was faced with.

  • Aneesa (Battle of the Bloodlines)
  • Diem (Battle of the Exes 2)
  • Puck (Battle of the Sexes)
  • Becky (Battle of the Seasons)



CT (Battle of the Exes 2)- Of course, he has made a follow-up appearance on Battle of the Bloodlines, but CT started doing Challenges at the age of 24 and has been on and off ever since.



Norman (The Gauntlet)- While Norman was on the original Real World Season, he remained active in the community years after his show aired. Over a decade later, he appeared on The Gauntlet. While this was his last Challenge, he has popped up in other Real World-related events such as 2008’s Real World Awards and Oprah’s Where Are They Now two years ago.



Syrus (The Ruins)- Syrus was nicknamed the godfather for a reason. Not only does he know a lot of people from the Real World, but his Challenge career spans across almost a decade. When it comes to Challenges, he’s probably been there and done that.


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.31.22 PM

Beth (The Gauntlet 3)- Love her or hate her, Beth has definitely aged well. However, with an MTV career spanning from 1994-2007, she’s bound to be older than some of the cast members. While she has been MIA for a while, I bet she could come back and be just as deviant as before.



Mark (Battle of the Exes)- You probably wouldn’t guess it by looking at him, but Mark did a Challenge at the beginning of his 4th decade. Of course, he was a Road Ruler, so he’s bound to be older, but Mark has never let age hold him back in terms of The Challenge or the ladies. Despite his age, he’s ready and willing to do more!


  1. Odd that Johnny is 33 and is the same age as trishelle and older then Abe even though his season was like 3-4 years apart from theirs.

    1. It’s interesting because someone’s first season can be any time from 18 to 26. Susie seemed older than many on the Ruins that were the same age.

      Leroy (25 on his RW) is about 2 years older than KellyAnne (20 on her RW), even though there are about 5 Real World seasons and 3.5 calendar years between when their Real Worlds were filmed. Tony (26 on RW) and KellyAnne are nearly the same age.

      1. Rianna is 24 and Mike is most likely in his mid-late 20’s. The only bloodline that I know is in their 30’s is Vince.

      2. Rianna is 24 and Mike is most likely in his mid-late 20’s as he is Abram’s younger brother by a few years I believe. The only bloodline I know that is in their 30’s is Vince.

  2. It’s wierd to think that some rw/rr cast members are turning 50 in the next coming years. Which they started the series half their lives ago.

  3. Old school challenge I’ve been waiting for this for years this is something I’ve been wanting but didn’t know how to put it out there thank you Mark

  4. I will definitely watch that to get a bunch of old school player out there will be awesome definitely even ground

  5. To get a bunch of old players out there definitely be even ground I will watch that love the idea

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