The Challenge

Do We Need a Real World vs. AYTO Challenge?

There’s a lot of criticism surrounding the current state of The Challenge, and for good reason. Some people hate Are You the One? kids being on the show, while others love the diversity. Some people hate all the pair Challenges, while others enjoy the themes that pairs allow on the Challenge. Some people, especially newer viewers, have never seen a true team Challenge, and forget that is a part of the show’s history.

Now that we have Are You the One? in the mix, and let’s face it, they’re not going away, we have a great opportunity to see a team challenge again.


That’s right, Real World vs. Are You The One?

Could it happen? Definitely. Should it happen? That’s open for debate. For starters, there are a lot of Real Worlders hoping to be on The Challenge. Many of them habitually get skipped over, but there is interest. While there is a good about of interest on AYTO’s behalf, there are just fewer people who have ever been on AYTO to even be considered. On the flip side, the AYTO kids likely contain a lot of untapped talent for these shows, and production could assemble a good cast if they really tried.

The biggest concern in having this Challenge is people from Fresh Meat/Bloodlines/Camila being on the show. If this is just one season, there really isn’t much harm in letting these people take a break. After all, they were going to do that for Battle of the Seasons. However, the main reason for having these shows is a beef up the Challenge cast, so it’s kind of counter intuitive to ignore them.

Being realistic, this is the most likely scenario for have a team Challenge at this point in time. Would you be here for it? Or would it just be a waste of time?


  1. I saw this on a challenge fan Instagram page, instead of dumping these random AYTO on the Challenge, BMP shouldve plucked 16 of them for “Fresh Meat 3” and have the AYTO fresh meat team vs the Alumni Real World team. Now that I would’ve been fine with, how about you guys?

  2. In all reality, I’ll take what I can get at this point. Unfortunately the older team Challenges have gone out of circulation and the only individual run we’ve seen is Free Agents. I feel like that, mixed with uncertainty of the theme has kept a lot of veterans and fan favorites from returning. It’s definitely doable but, there are many more of these individuals that I would rather see, vs. a AYTO team. I feel like if there were more individual formats available, older competitors may return. I would love to see Landon, Susie, Coral and Darrell come back but I understand that life goes on and age is a factor. If we grouped Fresh Meat, Road Rules with RW and the bloodlines tied to their respective partner’s original show, this could be done.

  3. Hey with rivals 3 coming up , would you consider doing a post about the best rivalries in challenge history?

  4. I’m 50-50 with that. Based on the what could have been post, I’m not happy that actually castmembers were passed because the producers wanted to add AYTO.

  5. No. It doesn’t need to happen and they need to stop with AYTO on this show. They don’t fucking belong.

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