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31 Most Memorable Real Worlders

Last year, when Real World Skeletons was about to debut, I took a look at the most forgettable Real Worlders. As we approach the next Real World season, it’s time to look at the most memorable Real Worlders. These are the people who defined the show, made it worth watching, and most importantly have paved the path for future seasons. This list is based entirely on The Real World, so post-Real World Challenge appearances do not count toward memorability.

Remember, these are just my opinions, so if you disagree feel free to comment and let me know.

31. Pedro Zamora (Real World San Francisco)


I’m sure a lot of you were expecting to see Pedro at #1, and while he’s likely more memorable than #31, he did have an unfair advantage. His season was pretty much cast around him, and production knew he’d be the center of the show. Back in the 90’s reality TV was trying to establish itself its own genre rather than a subset of the documentary, but Pedro’s story took more of a documentary-style approach. Still, Perdo will always be remembered for his openness and advocating for sexual education.

Most Memorable Moment: Marrying his partner Sean

30. Melissa Howard (Real World New Orleans)


Surprisingly outspoken and humorous, Melissa used her Real World experience to find herself producing some of the best commentary we’ve seen on the show.

Most Memorable Moment: That time she drank too much and provocatively danced at a bar.

29. Ayiiia Elizarraras (Real World Cancun)

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 3.30.22 PM

Voted into the house by viewers, Ayiiia is best remembered for her explosive fights with roommate Joey, only to hook up with him on the last episode… or for having the most vowely name is history.

Most Memorable Moment: Falling victim to taco abuse.

28. Brad Fiorenza (Real World San Diego)

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 3.34.13 PM

Arriving to the Real World house on a motorcycle, Brad immediately won the heart of Cameran and most other girls due to his personality and, uh, assets.

Most Memorable Moment: That time he was arrested on the same night as roommate Robin

27. David Burns (Real World Seattle)


Accomplishing the rare feat of entering the Real World house with a friend, David won the heart of most girls with his looks and Boston accent.

Most Memorable Moment: That time he cried because his Real World producer girlfriend broke up with him.

26. Frank Sweeney (Real World San Diego)


Frank’s personality was like baking soda & vinegar. At his best he showed loyalty and affections. At his worst he was explosive and possessive.

Most Memorable Moment: Having a huge alcohol-induced tantrum, smashing a vase, and almost getting kicked off the show.

25. Katelynn Cusanelli (Real World Brooklyn)


The Real World has always been pretty LGBT-friendly, but Katelynn was the first transgendered person on the show, proving that after being on air for 17 years the show was still ahead of the curb.

Most Memorable Moment: Opening up about her transition and sexual reassignment surgery.

24. Jemmye Carroll (Real World New Orleans)


Perhaps the Real World girl with the most southern accent, Jimmy’s party-girl personality so disappeared as she fell in love with Knight and opened up about her rough past relationships

Most Memorable Moment: That St. Patrick’s Day where she got really drunk and tried to flee the house.

23. Flora Alekseyeun (Real World Miami)


Flora had her nudes leak before the Infernet was a thing. She was also nosy, feisty, and abrasive in the best possible aways

Most Memorable Moment: Trying to sneak into the bathroom through a tiny window to spy on her roommate’s 3-some

22. Tonya Cooley (Real World Chicago)


A Walla Walla native, Tonya was the outcast of her season. She never knew her parents, loved her boyfriend a little too much, and had health issues.

Most Memorable Moment: Kidney stones

21. Frankie Abernathy (Real World San Diego)

Frankie’s unique perspective on life probably came from the fact that her cystic fibrosis limited her lifespan. While she never viewed herself as “sick,” it was clear that she lived a very different life from her roommates

Most Memorable Moment: Leaving the show dressed as a zombie Juliette, and saying she left because she was “too punk rock for this.”

20. Coral Smith (Real World Back to New York)


Coral was a proud African-American woman who was outspoken, loyal to her friends, and provided some of the best commentary they show has ever seen.

Most Memorable Moment: When she got in a fight with Jisela from Road Rules and told her to get off the “ho-train.”

19. Madison Walls (Real World Skeletons)

mgid-uma-image-mtv (2)

Nicknamed bubbles for her spunky personality and high-pitched voice, Madison won out hearts with her relationship with Tony and openness about her past

Most Memorable Moment: Opening up about her addition to heroin and her path to recovery.

18. Dustin Zito (Real World Las Vegas)

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 3.36.37 PM

A self-described southern gentleman, Dustin fell for Heather and treated her well, until his secret past was exposed

Most Memorable Moment: When Heather discovered Dustin had done gay porn in the past. Oops!

17. Mike Mizinin (Real World Back to New York)


It’s hard to remember as just a kid out of Ohio, but that’s exactly how we met him on The Real World. His arguments with with his roommates resulted in some eye-opening experiences and some clashes (mostly with Coral).

Most Memorable Moment: When he bought a championship belt and we were introduced to The Miz.

16. Jordan Wisely (Real World Portland)

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 3.38.03 PM

One of the most outspoken Real Worlders, he found himself in the middle of many arguments that he started. Though he only has one hand, he is physically active and can still push many buttons.

Most Memorable Moment: The time Nia said she wanted to hook up, and he ended up spitting Cheerios at her and using racial slurs.

15. Svetlana Shusterman (Real World Key West)


Young, spoiled, and naive. Svetlana got the awakening of a lifetime when she entered the Real World house and met people from all walks of life.

Most Memorable Moment: Becoming personally victimized by Tyler’s burn book.

14. Adam Royer (Real World Las Vegas)

CREDIT - Courtesy of MTV CAPTION: Adam Royer, 22, of Portland, is one of the stars of the current edition of MTV's "The Real World" which puts cameras on the daily lives of seven strangers living together in Las Vegas. Royer served three years in a juvenile detention facility for being involved in an armed home invasion, then went on to graduate from the University of Southern Maine, before trying out for the show. New episodes of "The Real World" air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Adam loved two things: excessive partying and Nany. He never opened up to anyone for the first few weeks, and when he did open up he revealed he was kind-of sort-of accord to a murder.

Most Memorable Moment: Smashing the Vegas suit and getting kicked off the show.

13. Joey Kovar (Real World Hollywood)


Coming into the house, he was a party boy who started having feeling from Brianna, but when his partying ways got out of hand, he left to try to better himself

Most Memorable Moment: Voluntarily leaving the house to seek treatment for substance abuse

12. Brooke LaBarbera (Real World Denver)

The daughter of two therapists, Brooke was kind of sheltered, kind of nutty, and entirely lovable. Despite the fact that she hated most of her roommates at times, and she really hated bowling, she grew a lot during The Real World.

Most Memorable Moment: Screaming at Jenn who called her a whore.

11. Stephen Williams (Real World Seattle)


For someone who was very argumentative, he did not know who to take criticism and handle a fight well. Case and point, Irene’s departure.

Most Memorable Moment: As Irene left the show, she chased down her taxi, stopped it, and slapped her in the face.

10. Jenny Delich (Real World Ex-Plosion)


Jenny and her kind-of-boyfriend Brian were the best part of the first twisted Real World season. Whether she was swinging a knife, getting into intellectual arguments, or go-go-dancing, she was always up to something.

Most Memorable Moment: Hooking up with Cory in a bear coat on the first night.

9. Erie Nies (Real World New York)


The model from season 1, Eric was the original piece of eye candy. And his budding romance with Julie made him more endearing than ever.

Most Memorable Moment: When he whipped out his modeling portfolio and the girls + Norman went nuts

8. Danny Roberts (Real World New Orleans)


Openly gay, his biggest struggle was not finding a boyfriend, it was being in a long-distance relationship with a soldier during the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” era.

Most Memorable Moment: The first time his boyfriend Paul visited and his face had to be censored.

7.Nia Moore (Real World Portland)


Usually replacements get overshadowed by the OGs, but Nia took the house by storm. She was at the center of most fights, got fired from her job, and expressed her love for penis in all the wrong ways.

Most Memorable Moment: Her epic brawl with Johnny and Averey.

6. Ruthie Alcaide (Real World Hawaii)


A young Hawaii-native, Ruthie spent her time in the Real World house exploring her love for women, jumping in the pool naked, and partying way too hard. So hard, she was forced into treatment.

Most Memorable Moment: Getting a little too drunk, then driving home.

5. Tami Roman (Real Wolrd Los Angeles)


Having worked in an AIDS clinic, she had love for those in need. However, she loved to get in fights, got an abortion during her season, and wired her mouth shut to lose weight.

Most Memorable Moment: Having her covered torn off her her by David, then claiming sexual assault once Beth made the accusation. Then kicking David out.

4. Danny Jamieson (Real World Austin)

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 3.50.43 PM

Danny’s Real World experience lead him to meet Melinda, which was a huge positive for him at the time. However, he got into an awful bar fight on the first night and lost his mother during filming.

Most Memorable Moment: The phone call from his father where he found out his mother had passed away.

3. Julie Gentry (Real World New York)


The only non-New Yorker to be on the original season, Julie experienced a huge future shock. Moving from a small southern town, she was placed in a whole filled with aspiring artists, social issues, homelessness, and diversity. Her development was one of the reasons fans resigned with the first Real World season.

Most Memorable Moment: Her heated racial discussion with Kevin

2. Puck Rainey (Real World San Francisco)


The original bad boy, Puck found himself in hot water when he disagreed with Pedro. However, he never cared and his IDGAF attitude caught the attention of Rachel, who kind of had a crush on him. Despite the fact that he had some redeeming qualities, he left the house with his roommates voted him out for being messy, rude, and inconsiderate.

Most Memorable Moment: The big fight with Pedro because he stuck his finger in the peanut butter jar and eat it.

1. Trishelle Cannatella (Real World Las Vegas)


Hailing from a small town in Louisiana, Trishelle was part southern-belle and part party animal. She’ll always be remembered for her threesome, pregnancy scared, and being the cause of a fork-throwing jealousy-fueled fight. Many Real World fans believe the original Las Vegas season sparked a change in the show, and a lot of that can be attributed to people like Trishelle.

Most Memorable Moment: Having the first pregnancy scare with another cast member.


  1. Mike Mike & Nany should’ve made the list too because they had interesting things to show while in Vegas.

    However get Frank off the list. He was terrible on his season (along with really his whole cast) which made me stop watching San Diego

  2. I’m afraid you have a fail on your hands. Pedro spent the remaining time of his life trying to get people to not make the mistakes he made. No way is he on the bottom of the list

  3. I (kinda) understand if you didn’t want to put Pedro at 1 because of his ‘unfair advantage’ but he shouldn’t have been at 31? Just make him 2?

    I started watching TRW when Hawaii started airing but I already knew of Pedro because he was so memorable that even people who didn’t necessarily watch the show heard about him and knew of him.

    1. There’s no doubt in my mind that Pedro is truly the most memorable. Yes, the season was designed around him, but his legacy has lasted years beyond the show. With this said, I didn’t want to put him in the top spot because his season was designed around him, but also because it was insanely predictable. With all of this said, I felt putting him at the bottom of the list would better convey this message than putting him in second.

      Either way, thank for reading, and I appreciate the feedback.

  4. Trishelle ? Really? I don’t think she was the standout of Las Vegas. Arissa was. She was a complex castmember with her crazy relationship with her mom, relationship with her boyfriend Dario, and fights with frank.

  5. I think it’s a good list. different than what i’ve seen in the past. thanks for putting it together!

  6. If you’re going purely for memorable, Amaya from Hawaii and David from the first New Orleans should be on here. Annoying on the show but highly memorable.

    Can you do a list of Most Memorable Road Rulers?

    1. As well as Cara from Chicago for same reasons.

      Malory from Paris is very memorable, she was focal point.

      Road Rules list would also be newsworthy due to RW 32’s theme.

  7. Puck should be #1. I’d swap out a few on this list and throw in CT (Paris), Julie (NOLA), Bruno (skeletons), Robin (San Diego) and Ryan/Knight (NOLA).

  8. I appreciate the angle you’re making of that the show really started to turn with Trishelle’s season. That’s when it changed into trash.

  9. Strange list, half of them I don’t even remember and I’ve watched RW from when it premiered.

    Even though I don’t like Puck I thought he would be #1.

    I agree with people being on the list buy not the order. Flora should’ve been higher. No Montana from Boston? Cameron from San Diego? Julie from New Orleans?

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