Real World Go Big Or Go Home

Are Kailah and Dione a Good Match?

What’s that I smell? Ah yes, it’s a future pairing for Battle of the Exes 3.

On episode 2 of Real World Go Big or Go Home we witnessed the first hook up of the seasons. Kailah, a Puerto Rican beauty from Florida, and Dione, a “carnie” from Cape Cod, MA. Both come from different walks of life though they have matching hair.

The attraction between the two was instant upon arrival, though Dione swore he wouldn’t hook up. He confessed that Kailah was his type, but he was kind-of seeing someone back at home. Kailah, on the other hand, was ready to get down. She also confessed her attraction upon arrival, but her only hesitation was that her vagina is so good boys can’t just hit it and quit it.

Within a couple of days of being in the house, they were in bed together.

So is this the beginning of a new relationship or a season-long mistake? There is undeniable chemistry between the two. Kailah knows it, Dione knows it, even Sabrina knows it. However, Dione does have a girl at home, so that may stop him (but certainly not Kailah). If he gets rid of this girl, these two seem to be a good match.

If Real World history repeats itself, people who hook up early don’t last. Add in the fact that there’s jealousy from Sabrina and this may not be the best environment for these two to start a relationship. Take people like Alex and Jenn or Cory and Jenny for example,  Still, crazier things have happened, and they may be able to find something good in The Real World house.

What do you think of these two?


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