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Where are the LGBT Real World Roomies Now?

Interest post I found online in regards to some of the Real World roommate from over the years.

Logo, a sister channel of MTV, has given an update on the lives of (almost) all of the LGBT cast members from over the years, and they go all the way back. The include the first gay male (Norman) and the first lesbian (Beth A.), so they’ve really dug deep here.


I definitely recommend giving the article a read if you’re looking to get caught up. It’s interesting to see how little some of the older cast members have changed, or how drastically other have (compare Simon from Real World Paris, then vs. now).

While the list definitely covers all of the LGT cast members, it misses the mark for the bisexual cast members. People like Marlon and Sarah are absent from the list, but it won’t take a lot of digging to figure out where they are.


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  1. They’re missing a ton of people beyond Sarah and Marlon:

    Ayiiia, Emily Schromm, Shauvon, Ashley Ceaser, Coral, Brooke, Jenn sort of

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