Real World Go Big Or Go Home

Who Leaked The Details About Jenna?

The Real World has entered 2016. Spoilers are nothing new, but on the most recent episode of Real World Go Big we saw specific information from Jenna surface on the internet. Information that is not only damaging to her reputation, but information that likely would have come directly from one of the roommate.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.20.03 PM

So, it seems like we’ll have to pinpoint the mole. We have a couple of suspects here:

Suspect #1: Chris. He’s a strong suspect because he feels directly impacted by Jenna’s homophobic comments, and Jenna has further insulted him based on her mormon beliefs and his experiences with the mormon church. Her reluctancy to change, or keep quite, may be resulted in Chris revealing this damaging information to another source.

Suspect #2: Kailah. While the leaked information, having to do specifically with Jenna’s homophobic and racist views, may not directly impact Kailah, she has found herself in arguments with Jenna in the cast. Perhaps the ultimate revenge is to have thousands of people dislike Jenna before the show even starts airing.

Suspect #3: Ceejai. While Ceejai has felt targeted by some of Jenna’s racially-based comments, she did opt to keep Jenna in the house after being given the opportunity. Perhaps Jenna’s unwillingness to change pushed Ceejai over the edge and she exposed some of Jenna’s not-so-secret viewpoints.

Suspect #4. Sabrina. While Sabrina has not been the target of any Jenna’s comment, she may have taken offense. However, she did share the leaked information with Jenna once it surfaced, so it seems unlikely she leaked in the information.

Suspect #5: Dione. Another unlikely suspect, who is only on the list because he knows the information leaked. However, he doesn’t seem overly offended by Jenna and often avoids conversations about the leaked topics.

Suspect #6: Dean. Another unlikely suspect. While he may be offended by Jenna’s racial comments, he also has taken a personal approach in educating Jenna on diversity and has not given up hope on Jenna.

Suspect #7: Other. Perhaps the same says who leaked Chris’s nudes or a causal passer-by was able to leak this info. Unlikely, but who know.

Most likely, someone told a friend or family member the information about Jenna over the phone assuming the information wouldn’t be passed around. Production does not take kindly to spoilers, so if someone directly leaked this information we will likely see someone pay the price.

Who do you blame?


  1. I do not understand why Jenna is so upset. Even if the information was not leaked, the viewers would have been able to hear the remarks for themselves when the show aired. I did not hear about the remarks until the show aired, probably like a lot of other people. I think it is ridiculous because now Jenna is mad about words she said and not taking responsibility and deflecting. If I were being filmed and made comments that offended others and then my comments were leaked before they aired, what difference would that make? I said them, viewers know what I said. End of story. Jenna – if you are sorry and understand why people are offended apologize or if you stand behind what you said and are not sorry, then move on.

  2. I picked other, other being production because we all know how the producers like to stir sh!t up.

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