MTV To Rebrand Its Image

It’s no secret that ratings have been down for MTV. The Real World is no exception. The Challenge is no exception. Teen Mom, which is the only strong performer, is still impacted.


Recently, MTV welcomed aboard Michael Klein as head of original programming. Prior to MTV, Klein worked with networks such as TLC, The Travel Channel, Conde Naste Entertainment, and the Sundance Channel.

As of now, two known focuses will be to utilized multiple platforms to engage is audience, placing an emphasis on its app. MTV also plans to look into reviving MTV Live, a show focused on pop culture, current events, and music. To further connect with viewers, MTV Live may branch into podcast and print formats.

MTV has reinvented itself over the years, and a rebranding seems natural. MTV started airing purely music videos, but introduced original programming in the late 80s and early 90s (like The Real World for example). As MTV experimented with reality programs, game shows, dating shows, and scripted programming, the music videos began disappearing from its lineup.

What does this mean for The Real World? Well, we know the network is casting for its 32nd season, so a rebranding will likely include at least one more season and an opportunity to appeal to a new generation. The Real World has survived many network changes, and its performance is usually a strong indicator of how the network as a whole is performing. A rebranding also seems natural, as Teen Mom may be coming to an end, MTV hasn’t produced a strong performed since Catfish, Jersey Shore has ended and no one cares about its spin off shows. Hopefully this will create some new interest in the network, and hopefully The Real World finds some new viewers in the process.


  1. Or you can do a list of people who won in the past 10 seasons ranking them from least derserving to derseving

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