Real World Skeletons The Challenge

Why Is the Skeletons Absent From the Challenge?

The Challenge seems to have a new star: Tony. However, his roommates from his stay in Chicago seem to be missing.


Between Bloodlines and Rivals 3, Tony has been cast on both. The other six were noticeably absent. Granted, Madison was pregnant during the filming of Rivals 3 so she could not possibly be on the cast, but where are the rest?

Bruno and his brother Briah would have been great cast members for Bloodlines, but apparently Bruno stated he was “over” MTV. Then, he was considered for Rivals 3, but allegedly he did not want to be paired with Violetta or Sylvia, so he declined. On the other hand, both Sylvia and Violetta have expressed interest but have been unable to fit into the theme.

Jason and Nicole would have been perfect for Rivals 3, but Nicole is apparently busy with work. However, they have a lot of animosity in their relationship for where they left off in The Real World, so they would have been a great addition to the show. Also she was able to get time off for filming The Real World, so I’d think getting time off would be a possibility for a Challenge. Jason seems to be be in good shape, so I’d be surprised if he was not interested.

I’ve accepted the fact that Are You the One? is on The Challenge. In fact, I like some of them. However, it is frustrating to see some great Challenge potentials get ignored and AYTO get cast.

In the future Madison is a possibility, and with the possible exception of Nicole, the entire cast has some interest. So why are they getting snubbed?


  1. Nicole, Bruno & Jason would be perfect for the show!
    Like you, I’ve accepted that AYTO is here to stay and that’s why I want the show to end. My like for the challenge hasn’t been the same for two years and once I saw multiple AYTO & far fetched “rivalries” I just threw up my arms and said sou terminado

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