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Should Chris Have Been Sent Home?

The footage and the spoilers confirm the same thing: Jenna did say some prejudiced racial comments and negative comments toward homosexual behavior. While these comments resulted in tension with her roommates, and anger in some of them, she certainly did not go bragging about the comments on the Internet. So how did those spoilers get online? Chris!

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If you saw the “Real Talk” after show, you’d know that this information was not online because Chris vented to a friend who’s really bad at keeping secrets. Chris wrote the entire post, thought of a username for his friend, and told her to post the information about Jenna. Whether you think this is a form of revenge on Jenna or you think this is a way to ensure important conversationsĀ aren’t left on the cutting board, this is a violation of Chris’s contract.

Cast members are contractually obligated to keep all events that occurred during filming confidential, and leaking information about these events is grounds getting kicked out. In fact, this happened on Road Rules Viewers Revenge in 2007 with David leaked information online and immediately got the boot. Cast members have also been fined for leaking information after filming and lost opportunities to compete on Challenges for contributing to spoilers.

What makes Chris any different? On “Real Talk” we did see production confront Chris for leaking information and giving him a cease and desist letter. Essentially, he got a written warning and if he continues leaking information he will get the boot.

Of course, Chris also did have to confess to Jenna as a personal “mission.” While it appears that production did not anticipate Chris leaking information, it did turn into a perfect opportunity to force an uncomfortable mission onto the cast.

Why leak this information? Why jeopardize being on the show? According to Chris, he wants to have conversations about social justice and inequality. While Jenna’s comments occurred on multiple occasions, there was no guarantee production would show it. This was a way to ensure public awareness of these conversations, basically forcing production to include these conversations in episodes. However, I can’t help but feel Chris wanted to get some sort of revenge on Jenna, and he even admits that his anger with her contributed to having his friend post this online.

Do you think Chris deserved to stay? Or should production have given him the boot for violating his contract?


  1. I think he is one cold dude…if I was the gay community I definitely would not want him in the forefront of my movement…he handled himself like a bully and a weasel at the same time…in the end we are all human prone to stupidity and ill actions but so far I don’t see that guy owning up…Jenna might have a narrow perspective of the world thus far into her life but I see her sparking the discussions and it was with those people that are affected by her narrow view…how is that wrong???…trust me I have plenty of black friends and most of them expressed to me that the most important thing they want is to have people show how they feel so they can be informed who is racist or who stereotypes or whatever, they don’t wanna guess what’s in your heart while you smile all the while…they are happy just to have that transparency…props to Jenna for being real even if she has a ways to go on her journey to having a more worldwide perspective

    1. I support Chris, and I do not think he should be sent home. Jenna is racist, she just doesn’t wear a hooded sheet like the kkk, but claims it’s white pride. Age is no excuse and religion is not one. The Lord says love your neighbor as yourself. I see she sports a tan. Why not keep her pink skin pink? She is proud to be white. She can attempt to dress up her racist statements however she wants, it will not change what she is saying. She really needs to be careful of who she speaks to in that manner. Loose lips sinks ships.

  2. Chris is hiding….he thought his actions were justified and I appreciated that the producers let him know in their way that he was being a b*tch…he only apologized because he was a coward being put on the spot, his apology contradicts everything he said prior to that…that guy has issues and a venomous attitude…but in the end, if the producers have kicked someone off before for violating the contract, then he should go too…I suspect the producers are being a little pc about it cause Chris is hiding behind the inequality of gays issue…and we all know how everyone is kissing every minority groups ass lately in an attempt to look more enlightened themselves…would be nice to see MTV producers treat the situation as they have in the past because hey, that’s the equality that’s being sought in the first place…even playing field goes both ways

  3. In the way he did it no. I don’t believe he should be able to stay.But lets not act like she didnt make these comments. She is the horrible person not him. He was trying to do a good thing it just came out in the wrong way.

    1. I don’t know if I agree on horrible comments…it may be insensitive to voice that when you envision two same sex people having sex that that image you find disgusting…but it’s how sheet feels…some people are disgusted by food items, etc…but to voice it in the company of those you know have same sex relations is bad taste…to continue the food analogy, it’s like someone talking about mushrooms being disgusting while I’m eating mushrooms…and as far as her comments to the black cast members, they were mixed stereotypes and predjudice…not racism…and at least she was talking to those races…if you noticed, the black cast members don’t have a huge problem with her…it’s the white guy and white girl cast members…it’s like the whole confederate flag thing…it’s white people being offended on behalf of black people…most of my black friends say they love the Dukes of Hazzard and wish it wasn’t removed from being on air cause of the confederate flag. We white people as a group sometimes get caught up doing too much.

    2. I meant to say I don’t agree with her being a horrible person…she’s young…she grew up around a negative influence in forming her opinions about other races and groups…I have family members that drop the N bomb regularly but they don’t speak for myself or my heart but if I wasn’t strong in that way, could they have had some influence on me…sure they could…older brother and uncle…should be who I look up to…I say cut the list girl a break…she’s fine…if she was a racist or the black cast members thought she was, she would have been a Felicia by now

      1. Well written Scott, i thought of a similar food analogy and I think it’s the most universally understood. The issue is also that these two don’t know how to have a respectful, constructive conversation/debate. It’s okay to have opposing viewpoints, but there’s also a level of respect that goes with it. Talking trash and pointing out the obvious flaws that you perceive in someone, in a group setting, accomplishes nothing. It becomes quid pro quo until someone gets too pissed off and walks away. When Chris issued his mission instigated apology, that was a better example of how they should have had their conversations. Unfortunately, this doesn’t play into the drama that reality TV thrives on. However, this could have diffused this situation entirely. But hey, I guess in a sense that’s part of why they are on the show in the first place, to be exposed to a unique group dynamic and learn. All in all, Chris needs to approach these situations better and she needs to learn how to fully explain how and why she feels, in depth.

  4. Honestly it’s unfair that David from the last Road Rules was given the boot and this guy whose probably the lost brother of Tony and Shane (look up his picture from his Mormon days) gets a to stay and possibly do a challenge which David was denied and David would have been a perfect guy for the challenge. I’m going to be pissed if Chris is going to be on a challenge (probably won’t last long if he did).

  5. The roommates should have realized it was Chris.

    – The timing of the leaks was right after her homophobic comments to Chris, not the racist comments at the beginning.

    – The content of the leaks said “racism and homophobia,”but only two quotes were offered as examples and both are homophobic ones said to Chris.

    – The person who discovered the internet postings was Chris.

    He should have been booted.

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