Rivals 3

Rivals 3: Rivals Ranked from Most Fake to Realest

Rivals. A format rooted in hatred, except when it isn’t. In the past, we have seen friends paired together to fluff up the cast. This season is no different than the others. While some of the pairing have real beef between them, others are just an excuse to get people on the cast. Let’s take a look at the rivalries that are going to butt heads, and the ones who are just living in paradise.

13. Leroy and Averey


Paired together because Leroy took Johnny’s side of the Johnny/Averey break up? So did everyone else, because Johnny talked to them first. On this basis, these two are interchangeable with many other cast members. At least they’re both likable.

12. Thomas and Simone

Apparently they got into a drunk fight and Simone launched multiple drinks in Thomas’s face. Too bad this only made the Battle of the Exes 2 trailer and not a single real episode. If there was any legitimacy behind this rivalry, it would have been shown on TV.

11. Christina and Nate

Sure, there was a little tension because Christina wasn’t matched with Nate on Are You the One?, but that’s the name of the game. This show was designed to create petty fights, and their fight wasn’t even that significant.

10. Jenna and Vince


Apparently they hate each other because they played opposite games on Battle of the Bloodlines, which is true. They weren’t exactly allies, but Vince was meaner to other people, and ultimately their dislike stems from that fact that they weren’t allies in a game where there’s only one winning team.

9. Dario and Nicole

Similar to Vince and Jenna, they weren’t allies. The only difference being these two actually got into a fight, but Dario was willing to fight with anyone that night so Nicole didn’t receive any exceptional form of hatred.

8. Devin and Cheyenne

Do I think Cheyenne really dislikes Devin? Yes. He was a dick on Are You the One? season 3. Do I think Devin hates Cheyenne? Not really. I think these two will not get along, but that’s mostly because Devin can be very unlikable and almost anyone would struggle with him as a partner.

7. Brandon and Briana


Brandon is hard to get along with, and like a lot of people Briana did not get along with him. What makes this pairing more unique than other AYTO pairings? They were actually matched together. Despite the super-science behind Are You the One?, this pair was a dud the first time around, and it’s unlikely it will be any better the second time around.

6. Jamie and Kellyanne

Jamie and Kellyanne did butt heads on Bloodlines when Kellyanne’s cousin threw a challenge, thus jeopardizing Jamie’s position on the team. Jamie and Kellyanne don’t seem like they’re going to get along this time around either. Jamie takes the game a little too seriously, and Kellyanne really don’t give a shit.

5. Tony and Camila


Tony brought out the Camilanator on Battle of the Bloodlines, and that was on the first episode. These two have the same mentality. When it comes to competition, give it your all. When it comes to fights, there are no rules. Either they’ll have each other’s backs, or they’ll explode on each other again.

4. Wes and Nany


While these two have never had a blow-out fight, they’ve never been on the same page either. In fact, Nany often finds herself on the outside of Wes’s alliances, and that has resulted in her leaving Challenges. On Battle of the Exes 2, Wes’s hatred for Bananas resulted in him getting thrown into The Dome, and Nany was a casualty of this fight.

3. Cory and Ashley


While Ashley’s stay on Real World Ex-Plosion wasn’t long, it was enough to earn her a few enemies. And when Cory tried to be nice to her, she told him she could “buy” his family. Arguments continued, and Cory played a role in Ashley getting the boot from the Real World house.

2. Johnny and Jessica


Jessica and Johnny never got a long, and while Jessica was no saint, Johnny threw some blow-the-belt insults at her while Real Worlding in Portland. Jessica befriended Nia, the ultimate rival of the Johnny/Averey relationship, and the two never saw eye-to-eye on future seasons of The Challenge.

1. Bananas and Sarah


Was there ever any doubt these two would be #1? While they have a relationship full of ups and downs, Sarah severed any possibility to being Banana’s ally when she sent him into the final elimination on Battle of the Exes 2. Bananas was shocked, but Sarah insists she learned this move from Bananas himself. Either way, Bananas does not take defeat graciously, and Sarah received plenty of insults and a big-ol’ block on Twitter.


  1. So sad to see only 3 legit rivalries while the other ten are so petty and dry.
    BTW The Wes/Nany is ranked a little too high, like most pairs there not really rivals and everytime their “rivalry” gets brought up it goes back to Wes & Johnny on Exes 2. Might as well pair up Bananas with Theresa.

    Overall weak casting and expect the weakest ratings in Challenge history.

  2. While I don’t think Jenna and Vince are rivals, I do think she was genuinely creeped out by him on Bloodlines. I have to think (as a female) that a guy being creepy would make you want to stay as far away from him as possible, which is impossible when paired up.

    Also, on season two of AYTO, Nate was ridiculously sensitive and controlling. He took Christina ditching him (after they found out they weren’t a match) really hard, but not nearly as badly nor frighteningly as he took Shelby wanting to be with someone else. He is going to be a loose cannon.

  3. I think Vince & Jenna are the biggest strech (even bigger than Nate & Priscilla, Ty & Leroy, etc.). It would mean one you call somebody anoying you are rivals.

    1. Why do people keep saying Leroy and you was so big of a stretch. At least they were on two challenges together a small tiff on rivals and an elimination on exes. Johnny and frank will always be the biggest stretch because they were never on a season together and was a rivalry because of a small social media argument.

  4. Nany should’ve been paired with Dario. Or Frank. And can MTV just put the Simone/Thomas fight on the site already? Putting them on Rivals is about as lame as putting Bananas with Frank over some tweets.

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