Rivals 3

Top Picks For Your PETE Rivals 3 Fantasy Team

It seems like every sport, event, and TV show has a fantasy team now, and The Challenge is no exception. I drafted my fantasy team on PETE,  a website dedicated to creating fantasy leagues and recaps for your favorite reality TV shows.

With your Challenge fantasy team, you’re able to pick three teams and watch them rack up points as they win competitions, party, and start showmances. If they get in fights, lose challenges, or get eliminated your team is going to lose point. This is a fun way to play along with the show, but you’ll want to get your team set up by May 18th (episode 3) because that’s when your team starts collecting points.


Here are the teams I picked:
Pick #1: 
Bananas and Sarah. It’s hard to ignore this team, considering they have a strong hatred for each other and both are past winners. Their drive to win is likely to score them big points because winning challenges, Jungles, and making it to the finals will score you big points. However, their inability to communicate man make them a risky choice because it could result in arguments (negative points) or even worse, elimination.

Pick #2: Wes and Nany: Another team known for their past success, Wes has an unconventional way of winning. Nany, on the other hand, has a knack for hook up and getting drunk. All of these talents will score you point, but that doesn’t mean you should rush to pick them. While Wes usually plays a smart game, it often results in his demise. Nany also spends the bulk of her time crying, which will result in a loss of points.

Pick #3: Nate and Christina: These new kids got off to a rocky start, but their desire to rid themselves of their bad reputations might be enough to help them win. “Free spirited” Christina may earn her points by getting drunk, making out, getting naked, or having the unexpected animal encounter. Nate’s likely to find himself making out, avoiding fights, probably taking a bunch of shots. However, this team is only as strong as their ability to survive in the game. If they’re out early, they’re not making your team any points.

So go to PickPETE.com to play along. They have leagues for other shows like The Bachelorette, Big Brother, and America’s Got Talent, so you don’t have to stop with The Challenge, and let me know who you think is going to earn the most fantasy points this season!

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