Rivals 3

Skull Twist: Good Or Bad

On episode 2, we were introduced to the Rivals 3 skull twist. Unlike prior seasons, the winning team elects two teams to go to the Jungle. Once there, these teams draw skulls. If you draw one of the three white skulls, you’re safe. If you draw the black skull, your team is going into The Jungle against the losing team.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.10.14 PM

During the past episode, winning team Vince & Jenna thought they were doing Johnny & Jessica a favor by sending in Brandon & Briana. Due to this twist, Vince & Jenna were forced to nominated Devin & Cheyenne to go to the Jungle, and ultimately Devin drew the black skull and his team competed in the Jungle.

With the skull twist, nothing is certain. There are certainly opportunities to save your allies, but the Power Team has to piss off twice as many people when making nominations. They also cannot target a direct enemy. There is always a possibility the second team will have to compete and that enemy stays in the house without having to do any work. In some circumstances, winning is less desirable than assuming the responsibilities generated by the skull twist.

Of course, this twist does add to the excitement. Enemies will be made, teams will not prepare adequately for the Jungle, and it will be increasingly difficult to save a “lay-up” for the finals. Flying under the radar will be tougher, and anxiety will be elevated in the house. This is a more controlled version of The Draw from Free Agents, but will have similar dramatic effects to the draw.

How do you feel about this twist?


  1. I think its stupid .. they would have been better off letting the house decide out of the two teams who goes in.. At least that way theres more drama and suspense

  2. I think it should be the winners get to decide one team for nomination and the house votes on the second team, then draw, rather than both teams decided by the winners. Rivals I and II had house votes and house drama.

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