Real World Go Big Or Go Home

Did The Real World Need an 8th Roommate?

Nine episodes in, and we have a new roommate.


Dylan came to The Real World looking for a party, and now that we have a new roommate, it begs the question: was it needed?

Aside from the exes on Ex-Plosion, we’ve never had a roommate just move in. They’ve always just been replacements. Perhaps Dylan was supposed to be a “mission,” or the cast was supposed to bully him until he quit the campion mission. If that was the case, the cast failed miserably because they’re now sharing their home with another person.

Was this cast really getting that stale? Granted, 80% of the episodes have been centered around Jenna, but there seems to be a lot going on this season. Especially when you consider the fact that they twist can force interested plot lines (like Sabrina looking for her biological mother).

If the goal was to center episodes around new people, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to work because Jenna and Dylan seem to really get along. While Dylan certainly seems like the party type, and may bring some hook-up drama, he doesn’t seem like he’s going to be super confrontational. He also doesn’t (to our knowledge) have a super interesting background story that could bring a new plot line like Sabrina, Chris and Dean did. Yes, he was a stripper, but they milked that for everything it’s worth in his first episode.

What do you think of Dylan? Did this cast need an eighth roommate?


  1. I support the inclusion of Dylan as the 8th cast member. Shakes up the house a bit. In a good way. The other roommates were getting a little stale with each other and in their own individual stories.

    Dylan added tension in the house and finally brought Jenna out of her shell. I don’t believe you have to have an interesting background or story to be a good cast member on the real world. Dylan has already proved to be fun, confident and an individual who can think for himself and make his own opinions.

    If you take Sabrina’s back story away, she’s pretty boring. RW should not cast based on story, because they story will be told in one episode and the rest will rely on your character.

  2. I just don’t understand why they brought him when the season was almost over. I don’t mind them adding him in as a twist, as it makes it a little more interesting, but if you’re gonna add a new roommate to shake things up, do it earlier.

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