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Which Real World Go Big Roommate Will Become a Challenge Superstar?

We all know it’s only a matter of time before we see these kids on The Challenge. While some of the Real World Go Big to Go Home cast members show potential, others seem like the next big flop. Here’s my thoughts on who will become the next Challenge champ.

Ceejai: Ceejai may be the biggest wildcard of the group. I think she may show some strength in terms of missions, but I don’t see her connecting with the vets. I can see her being a sacrificial lamb, and really making it far on the show.

Chris: While I see him participating in a Challenge or two, I see no potential. Athlete? Nope. Strong social game? Nope. Eliminations? The first.

Dean: While I see him holding his own, and I could see him finding some success, especially if he does a couple. I don’t think he’ll be unbeatable, but I do think he’ll show some strength and I think he’ll get along with people. Honestly, I’d be most excited to see him on the show.

Dione: He strikes me as someone who is dying to get on the show, and I think he will be OK. He’ll probably find himself as the life of the party. I could even see him becoming the last person on the rookie totem pole. However, I think a lot of people could throw him around in certain eliminations and the stars would have to align perfectly for him to win.

Dylan: Another person who I think is dying to get on the show, and I feel like he will do a lot of them if given the opportunity. I see him getting caught up with some type of hookup, and being a mediocre competitor.

Jenna: Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I could see her doing well. During certain missions, her perseverance was something to be admired. Plus, she will have no problem throwing her former roommates under the bus. On the other hand, her reputation may come back to haunt her and she may be the perfect sacrificial lamb.

Kailah: She will be someone who is mediocre in missions, but awful at eliminations. She won’t be the anchor, but when push comes to shove, others will shove her harder.

Sabrina: Sabrina, like Chris, is not build for The Challenge. If I had to compare her to a former competitor, I’d say Leah from Real World Paris. I expect nothing out of her, in fact I don’t expect her to show up, but I’d like for her to show up and impress me (which is anything better than awful).

Who do you think will be the best on The Challenge. The worst?


  1. Love articles like this but there’s no point of getting excited for new potential cast members for the challenge. It seems like they like to cast other cast members from a lame dating show instead of real world. I mean since real world skeletons, only one person got drafted to the challenge.

    1. Almost everyone from Skeletons drops or is unavailable. Bruno and Sylvia were supposed to be a team on Rivals III and Bruno initially agreed but dropped once he found out Sylvia would be his partner. Bruno also declined Bloodlines. Nicole declined the past two challenges because of work. Madison I believe declined Bloodlines then couldn’t do Rivals III due to her pregnancy. I’m not sure about for Bloodlines but Jason and Violetta wouldn’t have had partners for this season.

      1. According to Rachel, Madison’s sister. They were passed over Bloodlines because Rachel was too young.

  2. I know Jenna will be asked for sure, the big question is will she accept because I’m sure she knows (or you think she would know) people will be after her? People know who she is. Ceejai will be a little more popular than you would think.

  3. For some reason, I picture Kailah coming in and becoming a drama queen type character, similar to Nany.

  4. The Nany-Kailah comparison is spot on!! She would be brought on for the drama. I feel like although Dean is there physically, his personality is really fit for a challenge. They’d prob call him once and never again bc he flew under the radar. And Ceejai to me would get along EXCELLENT with the vets! Her relationship w/Dione is proof. She’d be like Sarah, socially. Jenna? Please God NO!! Not only does she suck at anything physical, she has the personality of a rug. She declined almost all invitations to go out and laid around all day. They world hate her.

  5. I think it’s a little unfair to Leah from the Inferno, she wasn’t that bad of a competitor I did look back at the Inferno episodes a year or so ago. I think her fear of heights hurt her big time.

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