Rivals 3

Rivals 3: Top Moments From Episode 5

Half a challenge AND an elimination. A new record for this season!

1. The Last Limb

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.38.54 PM

The Out On a Limb challenge continues from last week, with a bunch of mediocre team competing. Bananas and Sarah almost complete the mission, though Sarah falls off the final platform. On the other hand, Johnny and Jessica as well as Jamie and Kellyanne fail to make it to the final platform. Surprisingly, Cory and Ashley win because they made it to the third platform quicker than Bananas and Sarah. Johnny and Jessica come in dead last again, securing their spot in The Jungle.

2. Weak Ass Fight

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.51.40 PM

Camila tells Ashley that Simone told Jamie not to trust Ashley, and that he was more into Ashley than she was in him. This angers Ashley, who confronts Simone. Simone quickly retaliates by calling Ashley a slut, so Ashley unleashes a spew of insults on Simone. The whole house watches as Ashley dances around in a tank top, panty, and thigh tattoo while tossing every possible insult in Simone’s face. The two are angry, but Ashley is the one with power.

3. Nomination Celebration

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.56.31 PM

Cory and Ashley agree to nominate Amanda and Nelson, who are the replacement team. This is an easy decision. Ashley then wants to send in Simone due to their fight, but Cory doesn’t want to betray his friend Thomas. However, Cory makes his relationship with Ashley his priority. The second team they nominate into The Jungle is Thomas and Simone.

4. Rookie Rebound

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.59.47 PM

After a team self-evicted last week, TJ needs a replacement. Because no one wants to participate in this season, he brings back Devin and Cheyenne who were eliminated on the first second episode. TJ warns them not to waste this opportunity, because it’s rare get second chances in this game.

5. Worth the Weight

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.03.04 PM

Amanda draws the black skull, sending herself and Nelson into The Jungle. They compete in a game called Weight For Me, which requires one teammate to recreate a puzzle. In order to see the answer key, the other teammate must use a pulley to bring the first teammate to the answer key about 10 feet off the ground. Nelson lifts Amanda like it’s nothing, while Johnny struggles a little getting Jessica up. This proves problematic because Jessica can’t memorize any of the puzzle pieces. Amanda seems to do OK, which results in an AYTO victory. TJ puts Johnny out of his misery and sends him home with Jessica.


  1. You know each week I come on here to see if those nobodies are going home and somehow/someway more of them are coming back. Please tell me they all go home before the end because I will not turn MTV on Wednesday nights at 10PM until all those irrelevants go home.
    Also sad to see Johnny & Jessica go home, i wanted them to make the final with Johnny & Sarah and Cory & Ashley since they’ve been the truest of rivals from the start.

    1. I agree totally. The Challenge is my absolute favorite show on TV and has been for years but this season has so many from Are You The One competing that I’m losing interest. I have no desire to see AYTO on the challenges or to get to know them. PLEASE do not bring them back for the next Challenge.

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