Rivals 3

Rivals 3: Top Moments From Episode 6

A challenge AND and elimination in one episode? … not so fast.

1. The Naked Mile

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.28.41 PM

This week, we actually get a Challenge! It’s called Laps Of Judgement. There are 5 stations, and teams must complete one of two tasks then run their token of completion up a series of steps. Eating cow balls or cow brains. Tossing five rocks atop a barrel or lassoing the barrel in. Flipping a queen mattress up the steps or flipping five tires. Solving a puzzle of a house or a puzzle of a bridge. Eating a birthday cake, or running in your birthday suit. Some people make the wrong choice, like Jamie and Kellyanne who waste tons of time lassoing a barrel. It doesn’t matter though, because Nate and Christina “lose” a token and cannot complete the mission, thus coming in last. On the other hand, Bananas and Sarah have no problems here and take home their first win of the season.

2. Healing the Backstab Wound

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.32.11 PM

After winning, Bananas and Sarah have a glamorous meal of hamburgers and french fries. They also address the elephant in the room, and Bananas beings to wrap his head around Sarah’s reasons for throwing him into the last elimination on Exes 2. Sarah never fully apologizes, but she does apologize for putting a price on their friendship. They then all down teams, and Devin sells his soul to avoid elimination. It may have worked, but was it really worth it?

3. VinceSlam

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.38.33 PM

Vince and Thomas are playing drinking games, and Thomas calls Vince a bitch. They start to argue, and Vince commands Thomas to call him a bitch again. Thomas does, and then Vince runs over and slams Thomas into a table. The scuffle gets broken up super quickly, but Bananas then lectures Vince on the importance of physical safety. Bananas then confronts Thomas, who just yells at him. Their argument gets nowhere, but Vince doesn’t get in trouble for getting in a fight so it’s all good.


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.43.11 PM

As it turns out, Camila mistakenly took Nate and Christina’s lost token and threw it to the side, so Camila and Tony are disqualified from the challenge and assume last place. They’re headed to The Jungle, and Camila is NOT happy about it. She freaks out, but TJ says that Camila never admitted to taking the token when the whole cast was asked multiple times. Bananas and Sarah then nominate Wes and Nany because Bananas hates Wes and Thomas and Simone due to Thomas’s fight with Vince.

5. Love or The Challenge

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.47.13 PM

The competitors arrive at The Jungle, but Thomas and Simone aren’t dressed to compete. Turns out, Thomas’s girlfriend is having emergency surgery and he has to leave. Simone must leave too, but The Jungle must go on! Wes and Nany draw skulls, and they’re both white, so no one competes. Another Jungleless episode.


  1. I really really enjoy this season. It’s a character driven season and provides an storyline. I know casuals complain about elimination rounds but everything what was done had to be done in the way it was done.

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