Rivals 3

Did Camila and Tony Deserve to Be Sent to The Jungle?

In a shocking turn of events, we had a “cheater” during the Laps of Judgement challenge. When Christina and Nate came in last due to a lost #3 token, they immediately wanted to know if someone took it. They were noticeably upset, but didn’t accuse anyone. Then TJ asked if anyone had seen the token, and no one spoke up. At the Jungle nomination, the truth was reveals: Camila took the token and threw it to the side.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.28.57 PM

Because they interfered with the progress of another team, Tony and Camila were disqualified from the challenge and therefore came in last, thus replacing Nate and Christina as the team sent into The Jungle. Camila was upset and called the decision unfair, but most of the other cast members seemed to think the decision was fair.

The biggest point in Camila’s defense is the fact that she did not take this token with the intent of interfering with Nate and Christina. As Nate and Christina climbed the steps during the challenge, they threw the token to the next level so they wouldn’t have to hold it as the climbed. It’s not like these tokens look different, so it’s not like she wouldn’t need a #3 token. It’s also the team’s responsibility to hold onto their tokens, so Nate and Christina should have kept a hold of their token.

There are two big points against Camila and Tony. Firstly, TJ clearly asks if anyone saw the #3 token. They remained quiet, and I have a very hard time believing they just forgot about this token. Camila held onto the token while they climbed a couple of levels, while Tony was the one who told her he was holding their token, so she had an extra token. At one point in time, but of these teammates acknowledge they were holding an extra token.

Another big point that was not discussed on the show is the fact that Nate and Christina had a #3 token, while Tony and Camila had a #4 token.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.43.43 PM

If Camila thought for a moment, which I do acknowledge may have not happened during the rush of the competition, she would have known she and Tony already had the #3 token and she has already completed 4 stations in the challenge. While this is an argument before the fact that Camila picked up the token, after she picked up the token Camila would have had no way of knowing who it belongs to (assuming she was not trying to interfere with Nate and Christina internationally).

What do you think? Did Tony and Camila deserve to be sent straight to The Jungle?


  1. One could also said the producers should have said something to Nate and Christina and/or pointed them to the token.

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