Rivals 3

Rivals 3: Top Moments from Episode 9

Right were we left off. With a bunch of tired Challengers.

1. Confused All Day

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.19.28 PM

The second half of the Up All Night challenge begins, and the cast must solve a puzzle placing all eight of the night’s events in order and answering eight specific questions about the events. Of course, Sarah knows all of the answers so she and Bananas quickly win the challenge, giving them power, $1,000, and a Mexican outing. The other teams struggle to get the puzzle correct and try every possible combination. Eventually, it comes down to Dario & Nicole, and Wes & Nany. Wes & Nany lose which sends them into the Jungle, but Wes doesn’t seem to mind because this forces Bananas & Sarah to send a different team into the Jungle.

2. Seaing Mexico

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.23.57 PM

Bananas & Sarah have to pick two teams to accompany them on their Mexican outing, but whichever teams are chosen cannot be nominated for the Jungle. Of course, Bananas picks his cousin Vince and his partner Jenna. Sarah, on the other hand, plays a little bit of strategy and picks Cory & Ashley. Kellyanne seems particularly upset, because she thought she was close enough with Bananas that she’d get chosen. However, Bananas & Sarah use their outing to befriend Cory & Ashley, who they perceive to be a strong rookie team, and try to lure them into their alliance. Then, they drink beer and go snorkeling.

3. The Bad Banana Club

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.37.27 PM

While Bananas is away, Wes tries to rally the outsiders to unite against Vince and Bananas. He believe Bananas or Vince will in the final. So, the other teams need to seize every opportunity to send in Bananas and Vince. Kellyanne seems on board after not going on the outing with Bananas, and all of the rookies agree to this plan.

4. Nominating the Weaklings

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.28.28 PM

Bananas & Sarah nominate two teams for the Jungle, making it clear that these teams are nominated because they’re unlikely win and provide Bananas & Sarah with safety. Firstly, rookies Devin & Cheyenne get nominated. Then, Kellyanne & Jamie get nominated. This further hurts Kellyanne because she thought she was close with Bananas. Jamie, on the other hand, feels underestimated by Bananas. Jamie did eliminated Bananas last season after all!

5. Blind Shots 

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.32.17 PM

Kellyanne draws the black skull, so she & Jamie will compete against Wes & Nany in Hear Me Out. This is a soccer match, and the first team with two goals wins. The catch? Players on the field are blindfolded and their partner must guide them by screaming instructions. After a long match, Nany scores the first goal, but Jamie then manhandles Wes and get the second goal. This mean there will be a tiebreaker and TJ flips a coin: girls are head and boys are tails. Of course, this coin is in foreign currency and TJ can’t differentiate heads or tails, so he calls tails and the guys compete. This time, Wes comes from behind and scores a goal. This eliminates Jamie & Kellyanne from the game!


  1. Thank you for doing these recaps each week. I’m only 50% into the challenges now a days and haven’t watched a single episode this season. Once all those you aren’t the one people go home maybe I’ll turn the channel to MTV, but until I’m only following these season through your recaps.

  2. I like these reward trips this season. Cool to see them out of game mode for a second and in a real world social environment.

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