Rivals 3

Did Tony & Camila Deserve To Leave?

After a season full of fights and explosions, Tony and Camila got the boot from the Rivals 3 house. While we’ve seen people get kicked off the show before, this eviction was not as clear-cut as most others.


A case can be built for either side of the coin.

On one side, no one blatantly crossed the line. No one hit the other, the was no inappropriate touching, no one quit. When it came to the challenges these two were a strong pair, but off the field they were constantly at each others throats. Despite their bickering, it’s not like anyone expected model behavior from either of them. They’re living in an environment at encourages fights. They let Camila go drinking right after her grandmother passed, they let they two fight at the bar and reconvene as soon as they got home and they let Bananas wake up Tony to “put Camila to bed,” knowing he was going to argue with Camila. The show lost a good team with Tony and Camila’s departure, and there were probably steps that could have been taken before things got to this point.

On the other side, things were getting really bad, really fast. Each argument was getting more extreme than the last, and this Challenge house was not a good environment for either of them. Camila had been particularly explosive this season, and her grandmother’s passing didn’t help. Tony came into the house much more level-headed than on Bloodlines, but as time passed and drinks were poured, he got more and more frustrated with his parter. On the Aftershow he swore he’d never be violent toward a female, and seemed genuinely remorseful for his actions with Camila, but when he drinks a lot he seems to make a lot of mistakes. The Challenge is not the best place for reformation, and removing Tony and Camila from the house could be a necessary step to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Of course, there is the possibility that there is more footage than what we saw. In fact, if you watch the midseason trailer you’ll hear Tony say some shocking things that didn’t make the final cut.

Do you think Tony and Camila should have gotten the boot?


  1. It’s like they want people to stop watching the show with these baffling decisions. I’ve seen/heard worse things go down in a Challenge house than this.

  2. Originally I would have said no they should have stay but now I hate to said it but I do agree with the decision. The producers of Rivals 3 made the right decision because it could have escalated further. Maybe it wouldn’t have but maybe it would have. They made a better call than the producers of the last Real World, now that was a big mistake.

  3. It was unfair. Otherwise, Rivals 2 would be cancelled before mid season because approx. 20 would have been sent home for those reasons…

  4. Vince should of also gone home. Even though it looked like an accident with Camilla he still did not seem liked he cared and was mocking her the entire time. Also and the fact that he had that scruffle with tom and this would not of happened if him and Johnny woke tony up this would not of happened.

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