Rivals 3

Bananas vs. Wes: Who Will Come Out on Top?

Last week, a line was drawn in the sand. While Bananas was on a yacht with Vince and Cory, Wes was thinking of ways to remove Bananas and his cousin Vince from the game. Now that the line is drawn, we’re left to pick sides.
wes-bergmannTeam Wes

It seems like Wes is always scheming his way through this game, but there’s not denying his logic makes sense. If you pair the biggest threats against each other, you’re guaranteed to eliminate one threat. Wes also has a reputation for using rookies, but does he really screw them over? Look at Exes 2. He took the first shot at Bananas midway through the season and allowed Jay and Jenna to coast to the end. Even if he called Jay and Jenna a lay-up, did certainly did not screw them over.

On Rivals 3, he has Nany in his corner along with her cousin Nicole and her partner Dario. Devin seems onboard anti-Bananas boat, though his partner Cheyenne seems indifferent. While Nate & Christina seem to be the wildcard team, Nate seemed to want to eliminate Bananas and Vince, so that may add to his numbers.

Team Bananas

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.27.36 PM

The most veteraned player in the game, Bananas clearly knows how to win. He isn’t always the most loyal to his female allies, but he always seems to maintain his allegiances with his boys. Look at people like Kenny, Even, Leroy, even Johnny R. Now that Leroy and Reilly are gone, his main allegiance is with his cousin Vince. Perhaps his biggest asset in this game is his ability to win. With line officially drawn in the sand, Bananas struck first by nominated Wes into the Jungle. While not everyone is granted access to the Banana boat, there is a lot of history supporting the success of his alliances.

Right now, Bananas and Sarah mainly rely on his cousin Vince and his partner Jenna. This past episode, he tried to forge a relationship with Cory and bring him into the alliance (or at least use him until he can lose him). While the picking remain slim, there seems to be some type of underlying alliance that Christina and Nate are part of. Look at this past episode. Why else would Bananas burn Kellyanne and keep Christina safe?

Of course, rookie alliances this season are as stable as a Jenga tower. While Devin promised Bananas and Sarah he’d work with them and squash his alliance with Wes, it appears Devin is closer to Wes than ever before. On the flip side, Cory seemed to be aligned with Wes, but it seems like Bananas is reeling him in.

Which side do you pick?


  1. Also Tony was a part of the Banana boat but him and Camila were kicked off. I wonder if the producers kicked them off because he was allies with Bananas and wanted to make it harder for Bananas and Sarah plus Bananas and Vinny were the one of the main reasons for that argument. If they didn’t egg on Camila and of course wake up Tony maybe they’re in a better situation.

    1. Not at all. Production love Bananas and will do anything to clear a path for him. Battle of the Ex-iled was basically insurance for him to last on Exes 2, and they’ll continue to cast Vince on the show just to make his game easier.

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