Rivals 3

Rivals 3: Top Moments from Episode 14

We’re reached the end…

1. The Beginning of the Final

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.10.41 PM

This final was unlike other finals from recent seasons in the sense that it had a stronger emphasis on the check points than the running because the check points earned contestants points that are used to determine who has the power to keep the money or split it. In the beginning, teams have to repel down a cliff, play a game of memory, and solve a rivals- themed puzzle. Devin takes all the points for his team, Vince takes all the points for his team, but at this point Sarah has more points than Bananas because she loves puzzles.

2. Dine and Dash

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.21.10 PM

After check points and hiking all day, the cast finds a tent. One teammate can sleep while the other must stand on a log. Whoever accumulates more time on the log will get two points. Of course, Sarah falls sick so she spends more time sleeping than standing. The cast is greeted by TJ in the morning who serves them a breakfast. The menu included intestines, smelly cheese, and cow tongue. Everyone is grossed out, aside from Vince who goes for seconds and eats Jenna’s whole plate. Devin & Cheyenne don’t even finish, but there’s a time limit so they don’t get any other penalty.

3. The Final Hike

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.24.20 PM

Like every final, there’s really only one event that determines the winner. On Rivals 3, it’s the final hike up the mountain. While Vince & Jenna start strong, Sarah & Bananas keep pace and take the lead. Meanwhile, Cheyenne breaks down because she feels tired, sick, and has to take a shit. Devin helps her out, and they finish, but they’re in third place behind Vince & Jenna who are behind Bananas & Sarah.

4. And the Winners Are…

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.30.31 PM

Bananas & Sarah win, Vince & Jenna come in second, Devin & Cheyenne come in third. No one is surprised.

5. Money  and Power

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.32.33 PM

Devin wins the most points on the third place team, and she obviously choses to split the money with Cheyenne, so both players get $12,500. Then Vince gets the most points for the second place team, and he splits his $50,000 with Jenna. Bananas manages to get the most points on his team. He gives a speech about how he’s spent 13 seasons getting to this moment, and how he doesn’t know how many Challenges he has left in him. So, he keeps all $275,000 for himself. Sarah is distraught. Despite winning, she gets $0 and a renewed hatred for Bananas.


  1. I’m calling it, Bananas is not going to win another challenge and I feel bad whoever his next partner is if they do another pairs challenge. Also MTV, BMP, or whoever hands the prize money needs to give Sarah her money.

  2. This ending was pretty shocking. I’ve always thought bananas…or john as Wes likes to call him was an ass but this was way over the top.

    Sarah let the fates decide if bananas went to the finals in the previous Challenge and bananas full on took Sarah’s money. Cold. Ice cold.

    I was super irked that even Sarah who is amazing at puzzles didn’t score enough points to decide who got the money. I hated to see it come down to just guys making the final decision.

    I think the twist would have been more dramatic if they eat had to write down if they would keep or share the money. Then reveal it at the end at the same time. I am 100% sure Sarah would have said “share” and bananas would have said “keep”. It would have been even more jaw-dropping.

    1. It probably came down to the sleep portion of the final. She probably slept more because she was sick.

  3. Bananas keeping all the money shouldn’t shock anyone. He is a narcissist who cares only about himself. Personally, I hope he’s never on another challenge. He said he’s devoted 13 seasons to The Challenge and needs to protect his future. Maybe he should get a job like everybody else. Just remember, Johnny, karma is a bitch.

  4. Actually tuned in for the final and it was the lamest final ever. There was no close race and Johnny and Sarah were pretty much going through the motions knowing full well they were going to win.

    Can the Challenge go back to how finals were from Inferno 3-CutThroat? I hate these long drawn out finals which takes two days and the competitors have to stay up all night and climb a mountain in order to win. It doesn’t have to be done every season MTV

  5. Sarah and Johnny were on an episode of Mucho Mas together before the finale aired and they seemed fine. I am totally on Sarah’s side but, I don’t understand how the could sit with him for that after what he did and then be so upset during the reunion.

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